Testimonial: Judith.C, retired school teacher

Judith.C, retired school teacher“I’m not a doctor but I was hit by a car 30 years ago and had a broken collarbone and soft tissue injury in the shoulder. I was also in a bike accident that left my right wrist with 2 bones out of alignment around the same time.

I worked as an art teacher in the public school system and physically taxed myself lugging art supplies and making art with high school students all day long. I’m retired now and was getting to a point where the chronic neck, shoulder and hand pain was requiring 8 to 10 NSAIDs a day which I tried not to take my whole life.

My shoulder injury slowly turned into bursitis. I couldn’t use the arm anymore until I started red lighting it and now it has restored its use to me. It saved my life.

I live pain free today after using the THOR Laser machine and want to thank the people who worked hard to bring this technology to people like myself. For that reason I’m giving my story back. My quality of life has been restored and no longer need pain killers. It is a miracle. It has changed my life!”

Retired school teacher
BC, Canada

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Eryn’s Story

Eryn shares her experience with chronic back pain, finding ATP Therapy and how their NovoTHOR impacted her life.

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Disclaimer: These comments by healthcare professionals and their patients are solely their own. They are uncompensated personal stories about how they have used, or been impacted by, light therapy. These uses have not been reviewed or cleared by FDA.

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LumiThera LT-300 Device for treating Dry Advanced Macular Degeneration granted CE Mark

LumiThera LT-300 Light Delivery System“The CE mark allows LumiThera to begin commercialization throughout the 28 EU member states and coincides with the initiation of the LIGHTSITE II Clinical Study in select European sites in the upcoming months,” stated Clark Tedford, Ph.D., LumiThera President and CEO. “We are excited to be able to offer a safe and effective early stage clinical intervention for patients with dry AMD.”

“It is very exciting to see the development of PBM treatment for dry AMD patients,” stated Samuel Markowitz, M.D., Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, University of Toronto. “These patients have limited options and losing their central vision is horribly debilitating to their quality of life. The previous LIGHTSITE I Clinical Studies demonstrated that PBM therapy was most beneficial in early stage dry AMD patients. It was also determined that retreatments at scheduled intervals will be needed to maintain clinical benefits.”

Read the full press release:
LumiThera LT-300 Device For Treating Dry Advanced Macular Degeneration Granted CE Mark

Disclosure: I am an investor in Lumithera a) because it successfully treats an unmet medical need, (dry AMD) b) I think it will be the first billion dollar photobiomodulation company.

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PBM Therapy Literature Watch January 2018

27 Photobiomodulation therapy papers published in January 2018. Highlights include:

  • Treatment 6h before + immediately before exercise best for reducing muscle fatigue
  • Review of pre-clinical data for dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, trauma and depression
  • Improved bacteriological, cytological and clinical benefits after root planing (RCT)
  • Improved wound healing of skin graft donor site (RCT)
  • Systematic review of RCTs on  LED PBM therapy in dermatology
  • NSAIDs vs PBM Therapy post root canal (RCT)
  • ESWT vs PBM Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis (RCT)
  • Effect of PBM on cerebral hemodynamics and metabolism are not thermal

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Meagan.W – Dallas, TX, USA

National Level WeightlifterMeagan is a National Level Weightlifter who competes frequently. See her story and experience below after sessions on the NovoTHOR whole-body light pod. PR stands for Personal Record.

Wednesday 3/16:
Muscle Snatch Triple off a riser: PR working weight at 42 kg… Up 5 kilos from last week where I could only hit 37kg for working weight.

Thursday 3/17:
My 3/6 front squat/back squat combo I added 3 kilos from the previous Thursday- which is the most working I’ve ever done for this exercise at 91kg.

THEN I went on to do several reps of cleans and hit a 95kg Clean PR (9 kilos more than I did last week- heaviest clean I hit last week was 86kg.) This was halfway through my workout after doing a total of 117 reps. In Weightlifting a lot of volume can make your body feel tired & wrecked, so there was no explanation for why I was able to hit a PR on this exercise when my legs were fried.

Saturday 3/19: I hit a 3 kilo PR on my Power Clean & Jerk at 83kg

Sunday 3/20:
I added 2 kilos to my snatch triples from the blocks (59kg) from last week where I could only do 57kg.

I also did the most working weight I’ve ever done for Clean & Jerk Doubles at 83kg.

Monday 3/21:
Sumo Deadlift triple: 127kg PR (up 5 kilos from last Monday 3/14 I only could hit 122kg for 3)

Snatch Deadlift 5 rep: PR working weight for 5 at 91kg (2 kilos more than last Monday.)

Push Press+Push Jerk + Split Jerk Complex: 75kg (up 2kg from last Monday’s workout)

This part of my training cycle has been very strength intensive, so for me to even be coming close to hitting PRs is a huge deal. My body should be more fatigued and worn down from the strength work, but I actually feel recovered and fresh.

This is all thanks to the NovoTHOR light pod.

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Pubmed to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” as a MeSH term

The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) plans to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” (PBMT) as an official MeSH term in November 2015.

Why this is important?

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THOR LLLT presentation at United Nations – Global Health Impact Forum

This 15 minute video starts with an overview of Photobiomodulation and low level light therapy. Later in the presentation James introduces the Lumithera treatment for Dry Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

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More Class IV laser therapy misinformation

More Class IV laser therapy misinformationThe paper “High-intensity versus low-level laser therapy in the treatment of patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial” Kheshie et al 2014 pitches the 3B BTL laser against the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser. The results appear to show that the HIRO class IV “High intensity laser” was more effective than the “Low Level Laser”. HOWEVER, the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser was delivered over a large area (not adequately defined but approx 100cm2 by my estimation) so the intensity was actually very low (about 13mW/cm2 which is less than most LED systems), and the 3B BTL “Low Level Laser” was actually very high (4 x 200mW small, high intensity beams) and were held stationary on the patella for over half an hour, YES, HALF AN HOUR IN ONE SPOT! This is insane.

This paper leads people to think that the class IV Hiro laser was more effective because it was higher intensity when in fact the beam distribution meant the average intensity distribution was low (13mW/cm2). The 3B laser was not so effective because it was held stationary such that it would cause an overdose. If the 3B laser treatment had been delivered in using same scanning technique as the class IV then they would likely have achieved the same result. (I am not a fan of scanning because you can never be sure how much energy you have delivered to an area, better to use a low intensity device and hold it still in my view).

This paper misdirects the reader towards favouring class IV lasers rather than 3b or LED by misinforming the reader.

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Class IV laser dose concern. An update from Prof. Jan Bjordal. World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT)

The title of last months PMLS editorial was Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) Dosage Recommendations. Written by the Scientific Secretary Prof. Jan Bjordal. He describes how far we have come and the importance of the WALT dosage recommendations. No abstract is available for editorials so I have prepared one for you below. Continue reading

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Class IV laser treatments take longer than 3B lasers

A paper titled ”The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Class IV (10 W) Laser Treatment for Epicondylitis” [ref] showed that 10 Watt Class IV laser (mixed 8W 970nm, 2W 810) was successful in reducing pain and improving function in an RCT with 15 patients, and that there was good statistical significance at 6 months following a course of 6 treatments.

The claim by class IV laser manufacturers is that class IV lasers are better (faster, deeper and more effective) than Class 3b and LED systems. Conversely the 3B laser and LED manufacturers argue that less power density is more effective because delivering energy too quickly can overdose tissues and class IV lasers might burn the skin.

Throughout this paper there are marketing messages claiming the advantages  of shorter treatment times than low power LLLT systems and of course the title shouts “10 Watt Class IV laser” just in case the reader is in any doubt that more power is what you need.

Regular readers of this column know my obsession with irradiation parameters, particularly dose rate effects (W/cm2) and will not be surprised to learn that I deconstruced the irradiation parameters used in this trial . Surprise, surprise they were the same low irradiance levels typically used by 3B lasers and LED systems, if not less and the treatment time was longer too.

Yes, it was a 10 Watt laser and yes, 3,000 joules was delivered, however it had a  large beam area and treatment was delivered over (45cm2) in a “painting fashion”. The fluence (dose) was 6.6 Joules/cm2 and the power density was a tiny 22mW/cm2, consequently  treatment time was a hefty 5 mins.

The average irradiance was not disclosed in the paper and the reader is directed to think that more power is quicker.

P.S.  research trials with 3B lasers are typically 30 seconds to 3 mins and our recommended treatment is 1 min with a large LED cluster to the lateral epicondyle and 30 seconds for any related trigger points.

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The THOR LLLT Treatment Library

Available only to people who have attended a THOR training course in the last 3 years. All treatments are based on our four step method which includes treatment of the injury, trigger points, lymphatics and nerve roots.

Take a look to see how it works and let us know what you think.

Access Treatment Protocol Library

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Testimonial: Wendy D. Bowen, RPT

Wendy D. Bowen, Registered Physical Therapist“I have been affiliated with Josh Crawford of Genoa Integrative Health as the physiotherapist (I do the assessments to help clients who can get coverage via the extended health), so I have been fairly familiar with the treatment protocols. I find that I continue to use my manual therapy and IMS skills where needed, but finding the laser a great adjunct to these treatments for people with tightness in the scalenes/SCM muscles that are challenging to treat, as well as the deeper muscles of the pelvis. I am finding that clients who haven’t responded to other treatments, seem to respond fairly well to the laser. I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you.”

Wendy D. Bowen, RPT
Registered Physical Therapist
Duncan BC, Canada

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Dr Wilding

Dr Wilding of Chiropractic Advantage and his patients talk about NovoTHOR and how it affected them.

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Disclaimer: These comments by healthcare professionals and their patients are solely their own. They are uncompensated personal stories about how they have used, or been impacted by, light therapy. These uses have not been reviewed or cleared by FDA.

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Infinity Healing

Infinity Healing | Why did I choose to buy a NovoTHOR?

Maryellen Ammons of Infinity Healing shares her experience and decision to buy a NovoTHOR.

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Course Testimonial: Rupert Molloy

Rupert Molloy - The Photobiomodulation Studio“I look forward to attending the training day, because I always find the day inspirational. James Carroll gives an excellent presentation in understanding the importance of dose and why THOR are leaders in the field of PBM. Also, I enjoy meeting the other delegates who are usually new to photobiomodulation.”

Rupert Molloy
The Photobiomodulation Studio
Oxfordshire, UK

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Testimonial: Dr Michele Browne

North Nowra Medical Practice“I’ve been treating a 23 yo man who has had recurrent spontaneous episodes of ‘compartment syndrome’ (with confirmed high level pressure tests) since the age of 12. He had had 2x release surgeries in the past, but due to long term nerve damage, his surgeon was unwilling to do further surgery when his bilat calf pain recurred in the past year. The surgeon recommended trying THOR Treatment. I didn’t have a protocol as such, but used the one for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the Lower legs.

I’m delighted to say that he has made a huge improvement in symptoms and is able to continue with work and recreational activities with only low grade pain intermittently.”

Dr Michele Browne
North Nowra Medical Practice
23 McMahons Rd
North Nowra NSW 2541

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