Course Testimonial: Jenny Nicholas

Jenny Nicholas, Sport therapist“Really useful information. Loved the energy and quality of the presentation. Many thanks.”

Jenny Nicholas
Sport therapist
Lytham St Annes, UK

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Course Testimonial: Joe Meng

Joe Meng, Dentist“An excellent Photobiomodulation course thanks James. Loved the entire course.”

Joe Meng
Missoula MT, USA

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I was alive, but now I’m living again, says cancer survivor Cindy

Cindy using THOR photobiomodulation Cancer survivors are getting their lives back – thanks to a trail-blazing initiative at a bespoke post-cancer service at Nottingham City Hospital.

Nottingham Macmillan Late Effects helps people manage the physical, the psychological, and the psychosexual consequences of cancer treatment – and is the only place in the UK using photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy to treat the long-term effects of radiotherapy.

Cindy Martin, 64, who was left with disfiguring scars after surgery for stage 4 cancer of the saliva gland, says PBM therapy has given her back her life.

“The radiotherapy was so intense, my skin became necrotic. By the time I found Late Effects, I was convinced I would always have open wounds on my face.”

Radiation-induced fibrosis – or tissue scarring – is completely unavoidable and can develop in the area being treated with radiotherapy years after the radiotherapy has stopped – with life-changing effects on patients.

“Looking through photographs from a year ago, my face was awful. Skin would come off in clumps, and I lost my earlobe. It affected my mobility – it was like I had a steel rod in my neck,” says Cindy.

Many patients are being cured of their cancer, but left with disabling and debilitating consequences.

“All my identity had been taken away,” says Cindy. “I couldn’t do my job any more, I’d lost loads of weight, and I looked different.”

The PBM machine has a large ‘shower head’ attachment with LED lights. Patients are trained to administer the treatment themselves. The therapy is quick, simple, non-invasive, drug-free, and doesn’t cause any pain.

Emma Hallam is a Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust – and the person who thought of using PBM on radiation-induced fibrosis; it is usually used to treat lymphoedema – a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling.

Emma says: “We have people who have survivor’s guilt – they say that they feel lucky to be alive but sometimes wish that they hadn’t survived due to the long-term – sometimes disabling – side effects.

“Head and neck patients get much more radiation-induced fibrosis – they can’t eat, they can’t drink, can’t sleep – due to dry mouths and thick secretions.

“Our holistic approach helps improve quality of life and address all our patients’ needs, including the physical, psychological and psychosexual.”

PBM is just a small part of the Late Effects Service. The service uses a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach, with a dedicated rehabilitation and follow-up clinic, therapeutic radiographers, dieticians, and speech and language therapists.

“We are getting people swallowing again, who haven’t swallowed in years, people whose necks were immobile moving again, and people who haven’t been out of the house in years going out because they have got their lives back.”

Emma nominated colleague Kerry Clark for the The Skills for Health Our Heroes Clinical Support Worker of the Year award – and she is a finalist.

Kerry said: “It is such a humbling experience and a privilege to be able to offer help and support to patients who are feeling at such a loss after cancer treatment has ended.

“It is such a supportive environment to work in – I love my job and the difference we make to patients.”

And Cindy agrees. “Emma and her team have made such a difference to my life, I just can’t thank them enough – I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. I was alive but I wasn’t living.”

The Skills for Health Our Health Heroes Awards is sponsored by NHS England, NHS Employers, NHS Shared Business Services and more. Gold, silver and bronze Clinical Support Worker of the Year award winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 16 April. Show your support for Kerry by casting your vote here:

Read more about the Nottingham Macmillan Late Effects Service.


Emma now leads on the early management of all head and neck lymphedema, under the expert guidance of the specialist lymphedema team.

Late Effects has developed patient questionnaires as a 10-year monitoring system; identifying late effects early is important as fibrosis becomes more resistant to therapy as it builds up.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing across the world, and working with patients and UK charities has been key to educating people of the need for late effects services; Nottingham has been pivotal in helping establish around 20 similar services across the UK, and helped create best practice guidelines with the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association. Emma and her team hope to work with head and neck cancer charities and other late effects services to produce best practice guidelines for this patient group.

Article Source:

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Testimonial: Philip Baines

Philip Baines, Owner/ChiropractorWe are having great results from our THOR equipment. The week before last I had a chap in who’s had knee problems for ever and has only been able to ski half days since his last operation 4 years ago.  I used THOR Giant Laser Cluster (GLC) on him (as well as some other stuff) before he went off skiing last week and he came in yesterday to tell me he was able to ski for full days all last week for the first time in about 4 years!!!… and asking for “a top up” before he heads back out on Saturday.

He was convinced it was due to the GLC – but I had encouraged him to use NovoTHOR a few times before he went out too so I presume it was a bit of both.

Philip Baines
Active Care Chiropractic

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THOR and PBM making national news

The BBC and Daily Mail are helping to reveal PBM (Photobiomodulation Therapy) into the wider community. With more public awareness of the amazing benefits how PBM light therapy is massively improving lives, we hope it will encourage more people to search it out and ask for this treatment in their own locations.

Read the BBC article:

Read the Daily Mail PDF article:
Daily Mail Gadget that shines bright red LEDs to mend cancer scars now being used to treat debilitating scarring and swelling in the mouth caused by radiotherapy

Gadget that shines bright red LEDs to mend cancer scars now being used to treat debilitating scarring and swelling in the mouth caused by radiotherapy

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New light therapy helps to ease pain for head and neck cancer patients

Patient Glenn Martin with interim head & neck CNS Jenny Gale and radiotherapy sister Helen Longman discussing THOR LX2 Oral Max equipment.

Cancer patients are benefiting from a new light therapy treatment which tackles a common side effect caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) has launched in hospitals run by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) to prevent or treat oral mucositis. It occurs when cancer treatments damage the lining of the mouth. This can leave the tissue vulnerable to ulceration and infection.

All head and neck cancer patients having radiotherapy are being offered PBM at Colchester and Ipswich hospitals.

The treatments are being overseen by Jenny Gale, radiotherapy sister at Colchester, and Lyndsey Rew Macmillan specialist radiographer at Ipswich.

Jenny is also interim head and neck clinical nurse specialist at ESNEFT. She has had radiotherapy treatment herself so is able to relate to what her patients are feeling and the benefits PBM will bring for them.

She said: “It can really make your mouth sore. It hurts to swallow too which can make eating and drinking difficult, as well as having an impact on your general wellbeing.

“Unlike the side effects, PBM is completely painless. It’s very simple to carry out so most patients can do it themselves and take control of their treatment which is amazing.

“Evidence shows patients need less pain relief when they’ve had PBM, and they generally cope with their treatment better. It’s really exciting that we are offering it in our hospitals now.”

PBM works by applying infrared light to tissue, via two probes, which can reduce inflammation and improve healing.

Funding for two Thor laser machines, one at Colchester Hospital and the other at Ipswich Hospital, was provided thanks to a £31,000 grant from Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity.

To read the full article, go here:

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Course Testimonial: Sarah Moh

Sarah Moh“The training course was very informative and motivating. Great to meet other people and share experiences. I always feel like I learn a lot each time I attend. Enjoyed listening to James Carroll’s lectures.”

Sarah Moh
Lymphoedema Therapist/ Health & Fitness PT
Surrey, United Kingdom

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James Carroll interviewed by Dr Beth McDougall about NovoTHOR

Fascinating interview that Dr Beth McDougall did with James Carroll, Founder and CEO of NovoTHOR – one of Beth’s absolute favorite technologies for bio-optimization, biohacking and healing.

More Interviews | NovoTHOR Testimonials | NovoTHOR Treatment Locations

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Course Testimonial: Bruce Pont

Bruce Pont, Fitness Instructor & Health Warrior“The live, 8 hour Laser Therapy Course that I attended via the Web was most valuable and useful. James Carroll provided a wealth of essential information, intermingled with humour. My ‘take-aways’ will assist my focus on (1) choosing the right PBM equipment to acquire and then (2) implementing the most appropriate treatment protocols. I highly recommend the course.”

Bruce Pont
Australian Dragon Boat Team, World Championships, USA.
Coach of Gold & Silver Medalist teams: Australian Masters Games (Dragon Boats).
Martial Arts: Black tip.
Newcastle NSW, Australia

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Wanda’s got her life back

Wanda has suffered with chronic pain and tenderness throughout her body for many years. Listen to her testimonial about how NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Therapy has transformed her life after having treatment at the PBM Therapy Clinic in Derby UK.

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Car Accident Injury

Car accident victim is finding that NovoTHOR is really making a difference for her pain relief.

More NovoTHOR Testimonials | NovoTHOR Treatment Locations

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Course Testimonial: Nancy Fitzgerald, DMD

Nancy Fitzgerald, DMD“The course was easy to attend online! Great balance of good and up-to-date PBM information mixed with humor – I always enjoy your presentations James!”

Nancy Fitzgerald, DMD
Assistant Professor
Glendale, AZ, USA

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Course Testimonial: Dr. Elizabeth Munteanu D.D.S.

Dr. Elizabeth Munteanu D.D.S.“I have been using lasers in my dental practice for more than 10 years now, and THOR is my latest addition. After completing the excellent remote training with James Carroll, I started using PMB on TMD cases, and the results have been immediate. The patients are very happy with the rapid remission of their symptoms. I am looking forward to using PMB in a variety of clinical situations in my office.”

Dr. Elizabeth Munteanu D.D.S.
Toronto ON, Canada

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Course Testimonial: Jerry Schoenborn DMD

Jerry Schoenborn DMD“The course was en”lightening” to say the least! I was totally satisfied with the thoroughness and scope of the topic!”

Jerry Schoenborn DMD
Dental School Assistant Professor
Morgantown WV, USA

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Gary – Sports Performance

60 Year old Gary has been an avid triathlete for many years and each year competes in Iron Man’s, half Iron Mans and numerous lesser distance triathlons across the globe.

Gary has been using NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Therapy Bed at PBM Therapy Clinic over the winter months with the aim of boosting his performance, endurance and recovery.

Listen to his remarkable story and results he has obtained so far.

More NovoTHOR Testimonials | NovoTHOR Treatment Locations

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Course Testimonial: Leslie Sugianto

Leslie Sugianto, Registered Nurse“I like the course information from the research, the testimonies, and the humor. I am so grateful for this dedication to treatment through a more natural means. Thank you all for working so many years to bring this to those in pain, with wounds and more.”

Leslie Sugianto
Registered Nurse
Longmont CO, USA

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Course Testimonial: Alicia Parker Sweatt, MD

Alicia Parker Sweatt, MD“James is very engaging. I admire his creativity and translational work, his integrating science, engineering and ‘inventions’ with clinical applications. Appreciate his total immersion in developing and researching PMB and promoting PBM as an important therapeutic modality. One does not sense that financial gain is a driving force.

It was exciting to learn of potential use of PBM in ‘untreatable’ diseases such as AMD. It inspires one to provide this seemingly innocuous therapy for a number of more mundane conditions afflicting the general public.”

Alicia Parker Sweatt, MD
Medical Doctor
Lafayette LA, USA

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New Literature Review: Photomodulation for Oral Mucositis

New PBM for OM publicationA recent PDF publication by Michelle Biala, MSN, CRNP, AGACNP-BC, OCN®

Photomodulation (Low-Level Laser Therapy):
A Literature Review of the Prevention and Reduction of Oral Mucositis in Patients Undergoing Stem Cell Transplantation.

Download here:[1].pdf

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Treating children’s oral mucositis with THOR photobiomodulation

Belinda N. Mandrell PhD, RN, PNP has been at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for over 30 years. Belinda speaks to James Carroll about how they have been treating their oral mucositis patients with photobiomodulation.

Read more about oral mucositis


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Shepherd University Expands Wellness Center With Laser Pain Treatment

Cecelia Mason / Shepherd University - Photo of NovoTHOR

Shepherd University officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday for the expansion of a pain clinic at the school.

The clinic uses a process called photobiomodulation, or PBM. It uses laser light therapy to reduce pain from degenerative diseases.

A PBM bed is included in the university’s Wellness Center expansion and will be used to help those in and around the school’s community. The school received $500,000 through the state’s federal COVID relief funds for the clinic’s expansion.

“The application could be for young and old, healthy and sick,” said James Carroll, CEO of THOR Photomedicine. His company manufactures PBM beds.

“We know with athletes that it’s very good; if you pretreat before training, you have less fatigue, you have less muscle soreness due to less inflammation,” Carroll said. “But then if you’re older, and you have degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis – that’s an inflammatory joint disease – it would reduce the inflammation and therefore they’ll have less pain.”

Praveen Arany is the interim director for Shepherd’s PBM Center for Excellence. He says the process is similar to exercising or taking supplements, helping build resistance against long-term health issues.

“It’s a non-drug, non-interventional, non-invasive procedure; it’s just like treatment,” said Arany. “The advantage of that is there are no known side effects. And more importantly, it works on the wellness or the resilience of the people (being treated).”

Cecelia Mason / Shepherd University officials cutting a ribbon to celebrate the expansion of the school's PBM facility

Shepherd University officials cutting a ribbon to celebrate the expansion of the school’s PBM facility
The university plans to use the technology to research PBM’s effect on long COVID fatigue and opioid addiction.

Wellness Center director Jennifer Flora says she sees this as a starting point for even more expansion.

“When this building was developed, we labeled it a Wellness Center with hopes to offer additional wellness services – and we do on a very small scale,” Flora said. “It’s really rewarding to actually have an additional wellness service to really live up to our name.”

The Shepherd University Wellness Center is offering three free sessions to the general public starting Wednesday.


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NovoTHOR testimonial: Kim – fibromyalgia and fatigue

Kim went to Natural Healing Center with fibromyalgia, fatigue, shoulder and hip pain, brain fog and in general, just not feeling well. Her pain levels are so much less, she can now tolerate heavy exercise. NovoTHOR has made a big impact on healing her tennis elbow and improving her skin.

More NovoTHOR Testimonials | NovoTHOR Treatment Locations

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A new study conducted by St. Jude Nursing Research using Photobiomodulation

St Jude Hospital is the world’s leading research centre for catastrophic diseases in children. They just published a story on our Photobiomodulation treatment of Oral Mucositis, a common side-effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.

Shining a Light on Mucositis

A new study conducted by St. Jude Nursing Research uses a painless therapy to help children avoid a common side effect of bone marrow transplantation.

Read the full article at

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American Oncology Network to be First Medical Oncology Network in United States to Offer THOR® Light Therapy at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

New technology helps prevent oral mucositis for head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemoradiation

Fort Myers, Fla. & Bethesda, Md., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD), an American Oncology Network (AON) partner, is pleased to announce it is now offering THOR® Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy for the prevention and treatment of mouth sores in cancer therapy patients. Patients can now receive light therapy at both office locations in Maryland, Bethesda at 6410 Rockledge Drive, Suite 660 and in Germantown at 19735 Germantown Road, Suite 255.

The positive effects of PBM therapy on oral mucositis have been reported in 42 randomized controlled trials and nine systematic reviews, reducing the incidence of severe mucositis. Guidelines issued by the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) in 2019 recommend the use of PBM for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis caused by radiation.

“Cancer patients deal with many side effects when they go through treatment,” said Dr. Mark G. Goldstein of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. “Head and neck cancer patients receiving a high dose of chemoradiation treatment are almost 100 percent guaranteed to get a high level of oral mucositis. These painful mouth sores can make everyday tasks like eating, swallowing or brushing teeth difficult. Being able to offer our patients light therapy can bring therapeutic benefit. Without sores, patients can maintain their treatment schedules and may be able to avoid feeding tubes as well as narcotics. Maintaining treatment schedules can improve cancer control and overall outcome, along with reducing any long-term side effects.”

Each light treatment takes about 60 seconds and is painless. The light unit is shaped like a flat popsicle which is placed inside the mouth. With this single light unit, the entire mouth can be treated including the tongue as well as the areas near and behind the tonsils. Research done in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India and Europe, shows no side effects.

Medical Director and CEO of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders Dr. Ralph Boccia added, “New developments continue to improve a patient’s quality of life. Currently only a handful of medical universities offer this light therapy. We’re excited to be one of the first community medical oncology practices in the country to be able to offer and treat mucositis, a major side effect suffered by many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.”

AON CEO Brad Prechtl, MBA said, “Bringing the most advanced and innovative technologies to patients is an essential part of CCBD’s mission as a community oncology practice to provide exceptional cancer care to patients close to home.”

AON is an alliance of physicians and seasoned healthcare leaders that provides a unique array of enhanced services to its affiliated community-based oncology practices. It consistently strives to find innovative ways to connect with patients. AON’s community oncology model allows physicians to focus on what matters most — their patients.

About The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders: (

Specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and cancer, The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders has been serving patients in the communities and surrounding areas of Bethesda and Germantown, Maryland for more than 25 years. Their individualized approach to patient care includes chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and when appropriate, cutting edge therapies on clinical trials. The practice regularly performs more than 300 clinical trials on new and developing diagnostic devices and techniques for cancer and diseases. Patients receive home delivery of oral cancer medications, in-house lab and pathology and on-site infusion therapy. The practice also offers comprehensive support with nutrition guidance and financial counseling.

About American Oncology Network, LLC: (

American Oncology Network, LLC (AON) is an alliance of physicians and seasoned healthcare leaders partnering to ensure the long-term success of community oncology. Launched in 2018, the rapidly expanding AON network represents 92 physicians and 62 nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing across 16 states. The executive management team of AON encompasses more than three decades of oncology practice management experience, enabling physicians to focus on what matters most – providing the highest quality care for patients.

The organization provides unique and comprehensive protocols for managing administrative procedures and enhancing ancillary services for its affiliates. AON is able to aggregate volume and attain economies of scale, as it guides its member physicians and practices through the transition to value-based reimbursement models that improve the patient experience and help to reduce the per-capita cost of cancer care.

AON also provides a unique model of physician led, community-based oncology management. With services such as a centralized specialty pharmacy, diagnostics, pathology, fully integrated electronic medical records, a care management team and a variety of financial assistance programs, an alliance with AON ensures that patients’ experiences will be at the very pinnacle of cancer care today.

News source:

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WVU Medicine Children’s, WVU Cancer Institute work to reduce pain in pediatric cancer patients

Chemotherapy is difficult for any child, but when it causes mucositis, a painful side effect that causes ulcers to form in the mouth, it gets even harder. These children often require more pain medications and longer hospital stays.

Ben Wilson, 11, of Dilliner, Pa., was one of those patients. He was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma. The chemotherapy regimen he was on was known to cause mucositis, but it was his best course of treatment. When he developed mucositis, his mother, Alison Wilson, talked to Dr. Hannah Hazard-Jenkins, director of the WVU Cancer Institute, about the trouble Ben was having with sores in his mouth and how difficult it was to maintain a lengthy mouthwash regimen to try to treat them.

“We tried some preventive treatments, including cold therapy, where you have them eat a lot of ice and do a series of seven mouthwashes, ” Alison Wilson said. “The cold therapy didn’t help much. Plus, it’s hard to use seven mouthwashes in a day, especially if you’re a kid, and they don’t taste very good.”

Hazard-Jenkins reached out to Dr. Geraldine Jacobson, WVU Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology chair, who contacted the pediatric oncologists at WVU Medicine Children’s to discuss whether the WVU Cancer Institute’s new THOR device would help Ben.

The THOR photobiomodulation device uses low-level lasers in the near-infrared range that stimulate and promote wound healing and regeneration.

“Low-level laser therapy is indicated by a multinational supportive care association for treatment of oral mucositis in adults, ” Jacobson said. “We have been using this treatment in the Department of Radiation Oncology since June to reduce oral mucositis in our head and neck cancer patients. The THOR device can be used outside the mouth along the cheek, jaw and neck to prevent mucositis lesions or inside the mouth to treat active wounds. There were positive reports of using this treatment for pediatric patients, so we decided to offer it to Ben.”

Dr. Patrick Tomboc, chief of WVU Medicine Children’s Hematology and Oncology, said he was amazed at how quickly the treatments helped Ben and prevented new sores from forming.

“This device greatly improves the quality of life for these patients, ” Tomboc said. “Ben has required much less pain medication than most patients who develop mucositis. We’ve been able to reduce the length of his hospital stays and really help with his pain management without any side effects.”

Photobiomodulation (PBM) reduces severity and duration of oral mucositis, and can be used for prevention.

The device is also indicated for use in wound healing, which helped Ben when the surgical wound on his foot was slow to heal.

“Ben had really been struggling with his wound healing all summer, and it’s always a concern when you start chemotherapy with an open wound because it can slow healing even more, leaving it open to possible infection, ” Alison Wilson said. “After a nurse in Radiation Oncology suggested we try it on his foot as well, we discussed it with his doctors. There were so few possible side effects that we decided to go ahead and see if it would help. We had more healing in one month than we had all summer.”

“We’re really grateful that they were willing to look into using this device on kids to see what other institutions were using it and the pros and cons of the treatment. We’re also really excited that it has opened the door for other pediatric patients here, ” she added.


Read more:

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Alice – chronic back pain

Alice has had back problems for 50 years with the pain increasing as she got older. Alice goes to Universal Healing & Wellness and is feeling so much better and gives NovoTHOR the credit for this.

More NovoTHOR Testimonials | NovoTHOR Treatment Locations

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Disclaimer: These comments by healthcare professionals and their patients are solely their own. They are uncompensated personal stories about how they have used, or been impacted by, light therapy. These uses have not been reviewed or cleared by FDA.

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Congressional Briefing Highlight Video

U.S. CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING. Ending Opioid Use – Washington DC

James Carroll presented evidence to Congress on the effectiveness of PBM for treating pain and where it can be used in place of opioids. Prof. Praveen Arany explained how and why it works, and Annette Quinn RN gave her first hand experience in treating over 854 patients with Oral Mucositis.

Learn more at

Watch James Carroll’s Congress speech on ending opioid use with Photobiomodulation

Read James Carroll’s Speech to Congress on

View current photobiomodulation therapy training dates in your location.

More NovoTHOR Testimonials

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James Carroll’s Congress speech on ending opioid use with Photobiomodulation

A hundred million adults in the United States are affected by chronic pain and $600 billion a year is spent on health care, direct health care costs and lost productivity because of pain.

49,000 people died from opioids in 2017, 19,000 of which were from prescribed opioids for pain relief.

We believe that Photobiomodulation therapy can help reduce the prescribing of opioid medication for pain relief and we wish to draw attention to the Congress and health care policymakers, NIH and CMS, about this potentially valuable tool.

Learn more at

Watch the Congressional Briefing Highlight Video

Read James Carroll’s Speech to Congress on

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THOR LLLT presentation at United Nations – Global Health Impact Forum

This 15 minute video starts with an overview of Photobiomodulation and low level light therapy. Later in the presentation James introduces the Lumithera treatment for Dry Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

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More Class IV laser therapy misinformation

More Class IV laser therapy misinformationThe paper “High-intensity versus low-level laser therapy in the treatment of patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial” Kheshie et al 2014 pitches the 3B BTL laser against the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser. The results appear to show that the HIRO class IV “High intensity laser” was more effective than the “Low Level Laser”. HOWEVER, the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser was delivered over a large area (not adequately defined but approx 100cm2 by my estimation) so the intensity was actually very low (about 13mW/cm2 which is less than most LED systems), and the 3B BTL “Low Level Laser” was actually very high (4 x 200mW small, high intensity beams) and were held stationary on the patella for over half an hour, YES, HALF AN HOUR IN ONE SPOT! This is insane.

This paper leads people to think that the class IV Hiro laser was more effective because it was higher intensity when in fact the beam distribution meant the average intensity distribution was low (13mW/cm2). The 3B laser was not so effective because it was held stationary such that it would cause an overdose. If the 3B laser treatment had been delivered in using same scanning technique as the class IV then they would likely have achieved the same result. (I am not a fan of scanning because you can never be sure how much energy you have delivered to an area, better to use a low intensity device and hold it still in my view).

This paper misdirects the reader towards favouring class IV lasers rather than 3b or LED by misinforming the reader.

Continue reading

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Class IV laser dose concern. An update from Prof. Jan Bjordal. World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT)

The title of last months PMLS editorial was Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) Dosage Recommendations. Written by the Scientific Secretary Prof. Jan Bjordal. He describes how far we have come and the importance of the WALT dosage recommendations. No abstract is available for editorials so I have prepared one for you below. Continue reading

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Class IV laser treatments take longer than 3B lasers

A paper titled ”The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Class IV (10 W) Laser Treatment for Epicondylitis” [ref] showed that 10 Watt Class IV laser (mixed 8W 970nm, 2W 810) was successful in reducing pain and improving function in an RCT with 15 patients, and that there was good statistical significance at 6 months following a course of 6 treatments.

The claim by class IV laser manufacturers is that class IV lasers are better (faster, deeper and more effective) than Class 3b and LED systems. Conversely the 3B laser and LED manufacturers argue that less power density is more effective because delivering energy too quickly can overdose tissues and class IV lasers might burn the skin.

Throughout this paper there are marketing messages claiming the advantages  of shorter treatment times than low power LLLT systems and of course the title shouts “10 Watt Class IV laser” just in case the reader is in any doubt that more power is what you need.

Regular readers of this column know my obsession with irradiation parameters, particularly dose rate effects (W/cm2) and will not be surprised to learn that I deconstruced the irradiation parameters used in this trial . Surprise, surprise they were the same low irradiance levels typically used by 3B lasers and LED systems, if not less and the treatment time was longer too.

Yes, it was a 10 Watt laser and yes, 3,000 joules was delivered, however it had a  large beam area and treatment was delivered over (45cm2) in a “painting fashion”. The fluence (dose) was 6.6 Joules/cm2 and the power density was a tiny 22mW/cm2, consequently  treatment time was a hefty 5 mins.

The average irradiance was not disclosed in the paper and the reader is directed to think that more power is quicker.

P.S.  research trials with 3B lasers are typically 30 seconds to 3 mins and our recommended treatment is 1 min with a large LED cluster to the lateral epicondyle and 30 seconds for any related trigger points.

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The THOR LLLT Treatment Protocols Library

The Treatment Protocol Library is available only to THOR Customers and/or people who have attended a THOR training course in the last 3 years. All treatments are based on our four step method which includes treatment of the injury, trigger points, lymphatics and nerve roots.

Take a look to see how it works and let us know what you think.

Access Treatment Protocol Library Login

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Course Testimonial: Radhakrishnan Srinivasan

Radhakrishnan Srinivasan, Orthopaedics“Excellent course. I would definitely recommend for Diabetic Foot Ulcer management and Wound healing.”

Radhakrishnan Srinivasan
Warwick, UK

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