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THOR in the news at Shepherd University

Shepherd University announces new strategic health education initiative.

Shepherd University and the PBM Foundation will tackle healing in a different way, by bringing the science and application of light-based treatments into their curriculum.

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WatchdogMary Interviewing Dr. Ron Hirschberg on PhotoBioModulation

WatchdogMary live with Dr. Ronald Hirschberg (Brockton Animal Hospital) demonstrating and talking about Photobiomodulation (laser therapy) for dogs.

Please note Ron is working with a LED probe for the demonstration, hence no need for laser safety glasses.

PetTHOR Equipment:
Brockton Animal Hospital:

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The story of how LLLT / Photobiomodulation was discovered

This is an extraordinary lecture. It is the story of how LLLT / Photobiomodulation was discovered, and because of the context in which it occurred you might also find it very moving, so get some tissues. It is an hour and 10 minutes long so get comfortable, maybe get some popcorn and a drink too. I will paste the email that Andrew Mester wrote into the comments section below.

Here is the email from Andrew Mester :

I had the privilege to give a keynote presentation at the most recent NAALT (North American Association of PhotobiomoduLation Therapy) meeting in February 5, 2017 in Coronado Island, San Diego. The title of paper was: “Invention of … Continue reading

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James Carroll SPIE 2016 interview

The LLLT / PBM world according to James Carroll, CEO of THORLaser

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LLLT and Roberta Chow in the news “Laser therapy: making light of hidden pain”

Some mornings before he went to work at UBS, Paul Barton was in such pain he would hobble or even crawl to the bathroom.

Once his medication had taken effect, he was functional and could manipulate his painful feet into his business shoes.

His next challenge was to get to the waiting taxi, which he shared with two other bankers, for the daily ride into the city.

Never disclosing his discomfort and shrugging off his limp as an old sporting injury, he would dread the walk across the foyer to the lifts at Sydney’s Chifley Tower.

By the time he made it to his desk in the equities advisory team, … Continue reading

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New video interview. Very good I think. Ron is articulate and a straight down the middle guy.

It would be nice if human hospitals could give the LLLT attention Ron gives his animal patients.

For more on THOR pet treatments click here

For more on LLLT training click here

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TV report about the LED TBI trial soon to commence at Harvard

TV report about the LED treatment for TBI. Trial soon to commence at Spaulding Hospital (Harvard Medical School) Boston MA

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Mike Hamblin Harvard LLLT TBI video interview

LLLT for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by Prof. Michael Hamblin, Wellman Centre for Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School.

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