Treating children’s oral mucositis with THOR photobiomodulation

Belinda N. Mandrell PhD, RN, PNP has been at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for over 30 years. Belinda speaks to James Carroll about how they have been treating their oral mucositis patients with photobiomodulation.

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One Response to Treating children’s oral mucositis with THOR photobiomodulation

  1. Marcos Soto says:

    I totally agree with Belinda, great job, photobiomodulation is a great strategy to manage oral mucositis, mainly if you use two protocols with individualized parameters for intra and extra oral. Based on my experience, the sooner you start the sessions, the preventive results are evident.
    The association between photobiomodulation with the oral hygiene protocol acts to improve the quality of life of children.

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