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WatchdogMary Interviewing Dr. Ron Hirschberg on PhotoBioModulation

WatchdogMary live with Dr. Ronald Hirschberg (Brockton Animal Hospital) demonstrating and talking about Photobiomodulation (laser therapy) for dogs.

Please note Ron is working with a LED probe for the demonstration, hence no need for laser safety glasses.

PetTHOR Equipment:
Brockton Animal Hospital:

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Course Testimonial: Marty Henderson, DVM

Marty Henderson, DVMPhotobiomodulation Training Course Testimonial:
SonoVet, Inc
New Braunfels, TX, USA

“The seminar last Sunday in Austin was excellent. I learned tons and am so excited to use my laser to it’s fullest capacity. I will be ordering the 810nm probe soon. I would very much like to attend another seminar so I can get more out of the volume of information presented. Thank you again!”

View current photobiomodulation therapy training dates in your location.

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Testimonial: Richard Palmquist, DVM

Richard Palmquist, DVM“We love this unit so much we just ordered a second one to keep up with demand! I’ve waited a while to purchase a unit. I really love this one! Fabulous engineering. Super simple to use. Thanks!!!”

Richard Palmquist, DVM
Centinela Animal Hospital, Inc
Inglewood, CA, USA

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Course Testimonial: Kimberly Juhlin

DVM Kimberly Juhlin, DVMLLLT Training Course Testimonial: Kimberly Juhlin, DVM
Vale Park Animal Hospital, Valparaiso, IN, USA

“After attending the Orlando CE meeting and all the learning that has followed I have come to the conclusion that Thor beats them all, on several levels.

The Orlando CE meeting was one of the best that I have ever attended. I learned a lot about a complex topic in an easier to understand and clinically relevant way. James Carroll is a fabulous, fun teacher and a humble genius in the area of LLLT. After the meeting, I had a lot more questions.

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Sea otter patient being treated for uveitis

Valerie Gause, our Veterinary Division National Sales Director for US and Canada was sent this neat story from Lesanna Lahner at Seattle Aquarium.

Hi Valerie,

Sea otter patient being treated for uveitis with laser therapyHere’s our first patient being treated for uveitis! 18 yr old northern sea otter that was orphaned at 1 week of age when her mom was hit and killed by a boat in Alaska. Her name is Lootas. She did great for her laser treatment.

We hope to keep her off NSAIDs (topical and systemic) with her new treatment.

Talk soon!


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Laser Therapy webinar for veterinarians

Do More With A THOR
Presented by Ron Hirschberg DVM
Wednesday 16th April 2014 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm EST

Dr Hirschberg has treated over 3,000 pets with laser therapy.

Pathologies treated include:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Corneal diseases
  • Head trauma
  • Muscle, tendon & ligament injuries
  • Pain management for trauma & post surgical wounds
  • Inflammation & swelling
  • Wound healing including degloving injuries & more

Webinar discusses:

  • Basic mechanisms of Low Level Light (Laser) Therapy
  • Integration of photomedicine into your clinical practice
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Case Studies
  • Patient assessment methodology in creating protocols most effective in particular pathological conditions
  • Marketing of LLLT within … Continue reading
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New video interview. Very good I think. Ron is articulate and a straight down the middle guy.

It would be nice if human hospitals could give the LLLT attention Ron gives his animal patients.

For more on THOR pet treatments click here

For more on LLLT training click here

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Cougar treated with THOR Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) by exotic animal veterinarian Jenny Conrad

The picture below is of a cougar treated by exotic animal veterinarian Jenny Conrad. She reports that “Pirate had a seizure of unknown origin and fell off his perch. He’s not usually this approachable but he seemed to like his LLLT treatment and let us work on him for about an hour. He purred the whole time. He seems to be feeling better this afternoon”.

Click to see more treatment pictures of the cougar and some tigers, a bear and me with a baby wolf :-)


cougar Jenifer Conrad - 4Continue reading

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