The THOR LLLT Treatment Library

Available only to THOR Customers and/or people who have attended a THOR training course in the last 3 years. All treatments are based on our four step method which includes treatment of the injury, trigger points, lymphatics and nerve roots.

Take a look to see how it works and let us know what you think.

Access Treatment Protocol Library

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3 Responses to The THOR LLLT Treatment Library

  1. KATHRYN E. Arnold (Osteopath) says:

    Treatment Library – What a wonderful Tool, More information please. I have been using your LLT for several years and would not be without it.

  2. HillPhillips says:

    This protocol site gives advanced information. From now on I definitely will use your LLLT.

  3. Jennifer Vermilyea says:

    I love that I can go to the library and pull up protocols. Thor lasers are an incredible adjunct to our practice. Thank you for your hands on help.

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