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My vision of the future for LLLT

THOR laser in UK National Health Service (NHS) clinical trial for treatment of Oral Mucositis

Laser therapy to ease cancer treatment side effects | ITV News

MPH LiTFORM ITV news release Sept 2018

Read more on Photobiomodulation Therapy for reducing severity and duration of oral mucositis.

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Shining a Light on PBM & The Health Care Innovation Ecosystem

By Ms. Hannah M Clark, Global NetGeneration of Youth Cyberjournalist, with support from Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein, Executive Director Global NetGeneration of Youth

NGY Cyberjournalist Hannah Clark being inspired by the passion of Mr. James Carroll, founder and CEO of THOR Medicine.Recently, I was honored to be invited by Dr. Robert Boege, Executive Director of ASTRA to join ASTRA’s Futurist Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein, and serve as a NetGeneration of Youth Cyberjournalist covering a Congressional Briefing held in the Rayburn House Office Building on October 11, 2018 entitled, “Ending Opioid Use: A New Hope”.  The event was co-sponsored by ASTRA, The World Association for Laser Therapy, NetGeneration of Youth, The Optical Society of America, and thirteen other science and medical … Continue reading

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New Technologies, Treatments Can End Opioid Use

Those suffering from America’s opioid crisis recently received two major messages of hope.

On Oct. 24, President Donald Trump signed the Opioid Crisis Response Act (OCRA) into law. Dozens of bills designed to address the diverse aspects of the opioid crisis were consolidated into one strategic and integrated approach.

OCRA received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both Chambers.

HR6, which is now Public Law 115-2716, broke new ground in being the first legislation to mandate aggressive development and adoption of alternative pain treatments that include “innovative medical technologies for pain management.”

On Oct. 11, Congress held its first ever briefing on ending opioid use through … Continue reading

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THOR CEO leads official US Congressional Briefing on Photobiomodulation (PBM)

Washington DC, 11th October, 2018. James Carroll (CEO, THOR Photomedicine), Prof. Praveen Arany (University at Buffalo, NY), Annette Quinn RN (Program Manager, Radiation Oncology, University of Pittsburgh (UPMC) Cancer Center) introduced Photobiomodulation (PBM) to a large gathering of senior policy officials at the Rayburn House Office Building.

James Carroll presented evidence to Congress on the effectiveness of PBM for treating pain and where it can be used in place of opioids. Prof. Praveen Arany explained how and why it works, and Annette Quinn RN gave her first hand experience in treating over 854 patients with Oral Mucositis.

The briefing was a historic step for PBM, moving the conversation forward as members of congress were shown stories by members of the … Continue reading

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Seeing The Light

Written by Scot Faulkner

[Scot Faulkner advises global organizations and universities on healthcare reform and innovation. He served as the Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served on the White House Staff, and as an Executive Branch Appointee.]

Imagine being successfully treated, painlessly and safely, for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Imagine having a cure for chronic pain.

This revolution in health and wellness is already available and will be celebrated on May 16 as the United Nations’ Annual International Day of Light.

On May 16, 1960, American physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman, operated the first successful laser, achieving coherent and controllable light … Continue reading

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James Carroll SPIE 2016 interview

The LLLT / PBM world according to James Carroll, CEO of THORLaser

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Pubmed to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” as a MeSH term

The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) plans to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” (PBMT) as an official MeSH term in November 2015.

Why this is important?

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