Testimonial: Philip Baines

Philip Baines, Owner/ChiropractorWe are having great results from our THOR equipment. The week before last I had a chap in who’s had knee problems for ever and has only been able to ski half days since his last operation 4 years ago.  I used THOR Giant Laser Cluster (GLC) on him (as well as some other stuff) before he went off skiing last week and he came in yesterday to tell me he was able to ski for full days all last week for the first time in about 4 years!!!… and asking for “a top up” before he heads back out on Saturday.

He was convinced it was due to the GLC – but I had encouraged him to use NovoTHOR a few times before he went out too so I presume it was a bit of both.

Philip Baines
Active Care Chiropractic

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