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Pope Francis praises Light Therapy after recovery

Pope Francis credits Light Therapy for his recovery from a wheelchair during a ceremony on Saturday, April 29, during his homily at St. Elisabeth Church in Budapest. Pope Francis spoke of how the red-light therapy healed his fractured knee. The Pope was able to stand up out of his wheelchair and walk with a and walk with a cane.

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Shepherd University Expands Wellness Center With Laser Pain Treatment

Cecelia Mason / Shepherd University - Photo of NovoTHOR

Shepherd University officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday for the expansion of a pain clinic at the school.

The clinic uses a process called photobiomodulation, or PBM. It uses laser light therapy to reduce pain from degenerative diseases.

A PBM bed is included in the university’s Wellness Center expansion and will be used to help those in and around the school’s community. The school received $500,000 through the state’s federal COVID relief funds for the clinic’s expansion.

“The application could be for young and old, healthy and sick,” said James Carroll, CEO of THOR Photomedicine. His company manufactures PBM beds.

“We know with athletes that it’s very good; if you pretreat before training, you have less fatigue, you have less muscle soreness due to less inflammation,” Carroll said. “But then if you’re older, and you have degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis – that’s an inflammatory joint disease – … Continue reading

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James Carroll received the T.H. Maiman Award for outstanding research during the Academy for Laser Dentistry award ceremony

James Carroll, CEO of THOR PhotomedicineJames Carroll, CEO of THOR Photomedicine, a speaker at the 2019 CSSP Spring Leadership Workshop, received the T.H. Maiman Award for outstanding research during the Academy for Laser Dentistry’s (ALD) award ceremony at their annual conference (April 8-10), during which Red Light Therapy’s role in revolutionizing medical care was showcased. Kathleen Maiman, widow of Laser inventor Theodore Maiman, presented the award.

Carroll, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, is considered the world’s leading proponent of using Red Light Therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation (PBM). He has written or co-authored twenty-four academic papers and co-authored four books on the subject.

Carroll is working with 36 medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Veterans’ Hospitals, and the UK National Health Service (NHS), on using PBM for treating a range of conditions such as traumatic brain injury, the side effects of cancer … Continue reading

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American Oncology Network to be First Medical Oncology Network in United States to Offer THOR® Light Therapy at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

New technology helps prevent oral mucositis for head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemoradiation

Fort Myers, Fla. & Bethesda, Md., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD), an American Oncology Network (AON) partner, is pleased to announce it is now offering THOR® Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy for the prevention and treatment of mouth sores in cancer therapy patients. Patients can now receive light therapy at both office locations in Maryland, Bethesda at 6410 Rockledge Drive, Suite 660 and in Germantown at 19735 Germantown Road, Suite 255.

The positive effects of PBM therapy on oral mucositis have been reported in 42 randomized controlled trials and nine systematic reviews, reducing the incidence of severe mucositis. Guidelines issued by the Multinational … Continue reading

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James Carroll 2020 WALT Presidential Commendation

Thank you to The World Association for PhotobiomoduLation Therapy for the award today. As I said in my acceptance speech I am grateful for the many friends and good times I have enjoyed in the field of LLLT/PBM over the last 33 years, largely thanks to WALT. I should have said more about what I have learned from the many scientists, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, therapists, nurses and patients. It has led to an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career, and I look forward to the next 40 years as we take PBM to where it is needed and belongs. So thank you WALT for giving me a life worth living.

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West Virginia University Cancer Institute is using Photobiomodulation for their Oral mucositis patients

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) – Cancer patients deal with many side effects when they go through treatment. The WVU Cancer Institute Department of Radiation Oncology found a way to prevent a side effect, known as mucositis, that is seen in head and neck cancer patients.

WVU Cancer Institute brings new technology to help with a common side effect

“It is an inflammation type of condition from head and neck radiation,” THOR Photomedicine dental and oral mucositis specialist, Sara Jane Snyder said. “They get painful sores throughout their entire oral cavity, down their esophagus and all they down through their digestive track,” she said.

“Anybody who’s getting a high dose of chemoradiation treatment, it’s almost 100 percent guarantee that their going to get a high level of oral mucositis.”
Having mucositis can make everyday tasks difficult, like eating or brushing your teeth. This is why using what is called photobiomodulation helps treat this side effect.

“What we … Continue reading

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Seeing The Light

Written by Scot Faulkner

[Scot Faulkner advises global organizations and universities on healthcare reform and innovation. He served as the Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served on the White House Staff, and as an Executive Branch Appointee.]

Imagine being successfully treated, painlessly and safely, for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Imagine having a cure for chronic pain.

This revolution in health and wellness is already available and will be celebrated on May 16 as the United Nations’ Annual International Day of Light.

On May 16, 1960, American physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman, operated the first successful laser, achieving coherent and controllable light waves. This revolutionized manufacturing, communications, and health.

In 1967, Endre Mester in Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary conducted studies to determine if lasers caused cancer. He shaved the hair from the bodies of mice, divided them into two groups and gave a laser treatment with a low powered ruby laser to one group. They did not get cancer. Instead the … Continue reading

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