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Shepherd University has introduced Photobiomodulation to their advanced practice nurses and faculty members

Dr. Robert Bowen, left, describes PBM therapy while James Carroll, founder and CEO of THOR Photomedicine demonstrates how the therapy works on Barbara Sherman’s neck during an interactive training course Wednesday, at Shepherd University.

Shepherd University in partnership with the Photobiomodulation Therapy Foundation, announced its new health education initiative Wednesday during a day-long workshop, which introduced PBM, or photobiomodulation, to Shepherd’s advanced practice nurses and faculty members. It is considered the first step in bringing the application of light-based treatments into the nursing curriculum.

“PBM is important to West Virginians,” said Dr. Sharon Mailey, acting dean for and chair of the … Continue reading

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THOR in the news at Shepherd University

Shepherd University announces new strategic health education initiative.

Shepherd University and the PBM Foundation will tackle healing in a different way, by bringing the science and application of light-based treatments into their curriculum.

Read the full article and watch the video on

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Draft: Suggestions for consent before LLLT

Here are some suggestions to help you develop your patient informed consent form

  • Do you understand that this is a laser and light therapy treatment intended to stimulate healing and relieve pain?
  • The treatment should not be painful and you should feel no significant heat, but you might feel a pleasant warmth.
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you epileptic?
  • Do you have any known carcinoma?
  • Are you photosensitive or taking any photosensitising drugs ?
  • Warn patients they may have temporary aggravated symptoms after LLLT

What else ?
Please add your comments and suggestions below


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My Top Five LLLT wound healing papers

First an introduction to Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for wound healing.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) improves tissue repair, reduces pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied. Treatments take a few minutes and should be applied two or more times a week.

LLLT has been used for many years on sports injuries, arthritic joints, back and neck pain, and non-healing wounds such as venous ulcers diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores as well as post chemotherapy and radiation ulcers (mucositis).

How LLLT works:

Mitochondria in stressed or ischemic tissues synthesise nitric oxide (NOmt) that binds to cytochrome c oxidase competitively displacing oxygen leading to oxidative stress and reduced ATP production.

Light of the correct wavelength when … Continue reading

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THOR laser conference training and research news

– SPIE Call for papers, two days left
– ASP Symposia in 4 weeks, Rochester NY
– Sydney Australia conference
– THOR Training Canada Australia USA UK
– 41 New Research Abstracts
– THOR are recruiting
– Distributors wanted
click here

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– Training now in Australia and Canada
– New service centres USA and Canada
– PetTHOR Laser Therapy for small animals
– LLLT Mechanism meeting Rochester NY
– Institute of Physics on future of LLLT

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LLLT training schedule

Edinburgh, Washington DC, London, Bristol, Manchester, Los Angeles, Chicago, click below

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