Course Testimonial: Linda Edwards, RN, MSN

Linda Edwards, RN, MSN“It was such a pleasure and privilege to learn more about photobiomodulation from James, the ‘rock star’ of PBMT. The course was the right blend of theory and detail. I highly recommend it.”

Linda Edwards, RN, MSN
Neurofeedback Practitioner
New Jersey, USA

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Testimonial: Jennifer and Stuart, Medical GP

“I attended the course in March in Boston. We have been very pleased with the results our patients have on this medical device. It has helped in areas of concussion, joint tears, headaches where nothing has been able to help my patients prior to this. My patients are also chemically sensitive so are unable to tolerate chemical treatments for their pain and injuries. It is a marvelous tool and I cannot say enough about it.”

Jennifer and Stuart, Medical GP
Ottawa Environmental Health Clinic
Ontario, Canada

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American College of Physicians Guidelines include a “strong recommendation” for Low-Level Laser Therapy as a non-invasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute & Chronic Low Back Pain

Abstract source:

Noninvasive Treatments for Acute, Subacute, and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline From the American College of Physicians.

Qaseem A, Wilt TJ, McLean RM, Forciea MA, Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians

From the American College of Physicians and Penn Health System, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut.

DESCRIPTION: The American College of Physicians (ACP) developed this guideline to present the evidence and provide clinical recommendations on noninvasive treatment of low back pain. Methods: Using the ACP grading system, the committee based these recommendations on a systematic review of randomized, controlled trials and systematic reviews published through April 2015 on noninvasive pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments for low back pain. Updated searches were performed through November 2016. Clinical outcomes evaluated included reduction or elimination of low back pain, improvement in back-specific and overall function, improvement in health-related quality of life, reduction in work disability and return to work, global improvement, number of back pain episodes or time between episodes, patient satisfaction, and adverse effects.

TARGET AUDIENCE AND PATIENT POPULATION: The target audience for this guideline includes all clinicians, and the target patient population includes adults with acute, subacute, or chronic low back pain.

RECOMMENDATION 1: Given that most patients with acute or subacute low back pain improve over time regardless of treatment, clinicians and patients should select nonpharmacologic treatment with superficial heat (moderate-quality evidence), massage, acupuncture, or spinal manipulation (low-quality evidence). If pharmacologic treatment is desired, clinicians and patients should select nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or skeletal muscle relaxants (moderate-quality evidence). (Grade: strong recommendation).

RECOMMENDATION 2: For patients with chronic low back pain, clinicians and patients should initially select nonpharmacologic treatment with exercise, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, acupuncture, mindfulness-based stress reduction (moderate-quality evidence), tai chi, yoga, motor control exercise, progressive relaxation, electromyography biofeedback, low-level laser therapy, operant therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or spinal manipulation (low-quality evidence). (Grade: strong recommendation).

RECOMMENDATION 3: In patients with chronic low back pain who have had an inadequate response to nonpharmacologic therapy, clinicians and patients should consider pharmacologic treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as first-line therapy, or tramadol or duloxetine as second-line therapy. Clinicians should only consider opioids as an option in patients who have failed the aforementioned treatments and only if the potential benefits outweigh the risks for individual patients and after a discussion of known risks and realistic benefits with patients. (Grade: weak recommendation, moderate-quality evidence).

Ann Intern Med 2017 Feb 14

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Course Testimonial: Justine Asghar

Justine Asghar“The training was very informative and at a much higher level than I expected, but I appreciate the need for such depth. James is a fantastic public speaker and was very easy to listen to and understand.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have a much better understanding of laser and LED therapy than I had before.”

Justine Asghar
Lymphoedema/Mld Therapist
Cheshire, UK

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Testimonial: Patricia Berry

A wonderful letter from one of Josh Crawford’s Fibromyalgia patients :-)

To whom it may concern,

Patricia BerryMy name is Patricia Berry. I am 39 years old as of present and was given the elusive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia when I was only 19 years of age. Over the years, I have developed many other chronic pain and auto-immune conditions, but believe that they may all stem from this distressingly obscure original diagnosis.

The origin of my condition is likely due to a severe care accident at age 13 combined with a head injury and emotional trauma. Suffice it say, I know pain intimately.

My search for health and wellness has lead me down many paths, encompassing numerous medical and natural modalities. None of which have offered me anything more than the slightest amount of relief.

Last fall I had become exceptionally ill and was almost unable to eat, losing weight rapidly and working less. By some grace, one of my customers suggested a new therapy at a place called Genoa Laser Therapy with a gentleman named Josh Crawford.

I now consider that day one of the greatest turning points of my life.

I have undergone 60 plus photobiomodulation treatments, and it has changed my life. The number one immediate and consistent benefit has been the lessening of my overall chronic body pain. My sleep has improved drastically; insomnia being a perpetually awful part of this disease. Another wonderful benefit has been an incredible uplift in my mindset and mood, increasing my capacity to cope with my health issues.

The list of therapies, medications, treatments, and specialists visits that I have undergone is too extensive to even mention. But more importantly, it is now redundant. The comprehensive manner in which the photobiomodulation Thor light therapy heals the body from a cellular level is by far the most advanced technique being utilized today. I believe that this technology will only flourish from here on, to the wonderful benefit of all those who suffer from so many conditions, but especially for those with the previously incurable Fibromyalgia.

Patricia Berry

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Course Testimonial: Dr. Kevin Hole

Dr Kevin Hole“Thank you for the recent Training Course conducted in Sydney. This was the fourth training course that I have attended and I was not disappointed. James Carroll provided an engaging and interactive exposition of the principles and application of Photobiomodulation Therapy. It was a pleasing opportunity to reflect on the significant expansion in research and treatment protocol development. As one who has adopted this technology and uses THOR equipment, I do not hesitate to recommend the devices as serviceable and effective.”

Kevin Hole
General Dentist
NSW, Australia

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NovoTHOR testimonial: CrossFit™ Athletes

Article Source: NovoTHOR Helps CrossFit™ Athletes

NovoTHOR Helps CrossFit™ Athletes“I started using NovoTHOR after months of knee irritation left me unable to squat. I also injured my neck and a Cat Scan indicated that my chronic neck pain was due to a slightly herniated disk in my cervical spine. For the next month, I started noticing that the excruciating pain I felt on a day to day basis that hindered me from doing certain movements in CrossFit, started declining the more I did NovoTHOR. Not only was I noticing a decrease in pain, but I noticed an overall improvement in my recovery from workouts, and I was starting to receive a deeper night’s sleep. Just about 6 weeks after starting NovoTHOR I hit a 10# PR on my Clean and Jerk at 315#, a number that I thought was untouchable due to my neck and knee pain. I’m now able to squat and do many other movements pain-free, just in time for the 2017 CrossFit Open.” – Tim Payne

“In 2012 I underwent shoulder surgery. When I returned to CrossFit, my shoulder was never 100 percent. I battled with pain on and off, while my performance slowly dropped. I sought NovoTHOR as a last resort before I decided if I wanted to undergo surgery again. Not only was I able to compete without restrictions within the first few weeks, but I achieved massive personal records on movements that were hindered by my shoulder pain. I added 7lbs to my snatch and 10lbs to my clean after years of 2-3lbs increases. NovoTHOR has made it possible for me to follow my passion of competing pain-free while reaping the benefits of increased performance.” — Jake Wade

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Testimonial: Dr. Teresa Caprio

Dr. Teresa CaprioHello James,

I am the Cranial Osteopathic Physician that attended the August 2014 THOR Training in Boston and spoke with you quite a bit and my husband was the Naturopathic Physician there that day.

We now own 2 Thor Laser Lx2 Control Units with the 810nm infrared cluster probe and an LED probe. We have been using LLLT since September 2014 and we have had very remarkable results. Here are 2 case studies I would like to share.

• The first case was a woman in her early 60’s that came into my office on crutches in excruciating pain. She was crying out in pain so much that I sent her husband to the Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Narcotic, which she took in my office while I was treating her with Osteopathic Manipulation.

It was a confirmed Herniated Nucleus Propulsus ( it’s called an intervertebral disc herniation by your treatment protocol). I treated her for 5 consecutive days (with the first IVD Herniation protocol) and on the Monday after these 5 treatments she was able to walk without assistance and was very close to being pain free.

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