Course Testimonial: Luke Kane, D.O.

Luke Kane, D.O.“Course was fantastic, materials were very well put together for a wide variety of clinicians at different levels of care. As a physician I look forward to seeing how this technology can enhance rehabilitation practice to conditions that have few or no currently viable treatments.”

Luke Kane, D.O.
NYU Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
New York, USA

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Course Testimonial: Nigel Foenander, Medical GP

Nigel Foenander, Medical GP“The instruction and detail were so impressive at the last meeting from James, it prompted me to try out LLLT for myself in my own general practice. I am looking forward to attending the presentation from James later this month in Melbourne to improve my skills, as I plan to open a new Clinic dedicated to targeting pain with Laser therapy alone in the very near future. I am also very interested to hear of the benefits the whole body pod has to offer, while exploring new applications of PBMT. Keep up the good work in updating the professions on this very valuable and exciting treatment modality.”

Very best wishes and kind regards,
Nigel and Heather
General Practitioner
Braybrook Medical Centre
Melbourne, Australia

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LLLT / Photobiomodulation cures acute thrombocytopenia in mice

Zhang et al showed that whole body 810nm laser 100mW/cm2, 30J/cm2 cures acute thrombocytopenia in mice.

Thrombocytopenia is a common hematologic disorder that is managed primarily by platelet transfusions. They showed that noninvasive whole-body illumination cures acute thrombocytopenia triggered by g-irradiation within 2 weeks in mice, as opposed to a 5-week recovery time required in controls.

The low-level laser (LLL) also greatly accelerated platelet regeneration in the presence of anti-CD41 antibody that binds and depletes platelets, and prevented a severe drop in platelet count caused by a common chemo-therapeutic drug.

They conclude: this safe, drug-free, donor-independent modality represents a paradigm shift in the prophylaxis and treatment of thrombocytopenia.

Full abstract and paper here

As you know we are investigating the many possible benefits of whole body treatment PBM with our NovoTHOR light pod

NovoTHOR: The whole-body light pod using Photobiomodulation Therapy

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Meagan.W – Dallas, TX, USA

National Level WeightlifterMeagan is a National Level Weightlifter who competes frequently. See her story and experience below after sessions on the NovoTHOR whole-body light pod. PR stands for Personal Record.

Wednesday 3/16:
Muscle Snatch Triple off a riser: PR working weight at 42 kg… Up 5 kilos from last week where I could only hit 37kg for working weight.

Thursday 3/17:
My 3/6 front squat/back squat combo I added 3 kilos from the previous Thursday- which is the most working I’ve ever done for this exercise at 91kg.

THEN I went on to do several reps of cleans and hit a 95kg Clean PR (9 kilos more than I did last week- heaviest clean I hit last week was 86kg.) This was halfway through my workout after doing a total of 117 reps. In Weightlifting a lot of volume can make your body feel tired & wrecked, so there was no explanation for why I was able to hit a PR on this exercise when my legs were fried.

Saturday 3/19: I hit a 3 kilo PR on my Power Clean & Jerk at 83kg

Sunday 3/20:
I added 2 kilos to my snatch triples from the blocks (59kg) from last week where I could only do 57kg.

I also did the most working weight I’ve ever done for Clean & Jerk Doubles at 83kg.

Monday 3/21:
Sumo Deadlift triple: 127kg PR (up 5 kilos from last Monday 3/14 I only could hit 122kg for 3)

Snatch Deadlift 5 rep: PR working weight for 5 at 91kg (2 kilos more than last Monday.)

Push Press+Push Jerk + Split Jerk Complex: 75kg (up 2kg from last Monday’s workout)

This part of my training cycle has been very strength intensive, so for me to even be coming close to hitting PRs is a huge deal. My body should be more fatigued and worn down from the strength work, but I actually feel recovered and fresh.

This is all thanks to the NovoTHOR light pod.

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Literature watch update: End 2014

130 new LLLT papers for you including a systematic review on shoulder tendinopathies, a lovely article review in an orthopaedics journal by Howard Cotler, four systematic reviews on orthodontic tooth movement, a trial showing LEDs improve sperm motility, another systematic review on oral mucositis and much more.

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BMJ snubs LLLT for neck pain again, but gives drugs with no evidence a pass

As reported here in 2013 there are no licensed drugs for non-specific neck pain because “there isn’t much specific research that shows drugs help neck pain”. For LLLT/PBM however, there are at least 16 (mostly positive) RCTs and a positive systematic review  published in The Lancet. Despite this unequivocal evidence, the 2014 revised patient advice leaflet from the BMJ fails to mention LLLT/PBM but states “your doctor may recommend one or more of the following” and goes on to list pain killers, NSAIDs, antidepressants and muscle relaxants”.

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Pubmed to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” as a MeSH term

The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) plans to adopt “Photobiomodulation Therapy” (PBMT) as an official MeSH term in November 2015.

Why this is important?

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THOR LLLT presentation at United Nations – Global Health Impact Forum

This 15 minute video starts with an overview of Photobiomodulation and low level light therapy. Later in the presentation James introduces the Lumithera treatment for Dry Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

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Transcranial LLLT for Chronic mild Traumatic Brain Injury

The VA, Boston University and Harvard Medical School published the results of a Transcranial LLLT (LED) pilot study on mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Incredibly; TBI is a leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults in the United States. Each year an estimated 1.5 million Americans sustain a TBI, 50,000 people die as a consequence, 230,000 are hospitalized and an estimated 5.3 million currently live with a permanent TBI-related disability (because there is no cure). This study showed significant improvement in Executive Function, Verbal Learning, Long Delay Free Recall and fewer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Participants and family reported better ability to perform social, interpersonal, and occupational functions. This was a small pilot study on just eleven patients with chronic mTBI, there was no placebo control group so further studies are necessary to truly establish the effect size.

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More Class IV laser therapy misinformation

More Class IV laser therapy misinformationThe paper “High-intensity versus low-level laser therapy in the treatment of patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial” Kheshie et al 2014 pitches the 3B BTL laser against the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser. The results appear to show that the HIRO class IV “High intensity laser” was more effective than the “Low Level Laser”. HOWEVER, the HIRO class IV “High intensity” laser was delivered over a large area (not adequately defined but approx 100cm2 by my estimation) so the intensity was actually very low (about 13mW/cm2 which is less than most LED systems), and the 3B BTL “Low Level Laser” was actually very high (4 x 200mW small, high intensity beams) and were held stationary on the patella for over half an hour, YES, HALF AN HOUR IN ONE SPOT! This is insane.

This paper leads people to think that the class IV Hiro laser was more effective because it was higher intensity when in fact the beam distribution meant the average intensity distribution was low (13mW/cm2). The 3B laser was not so effective because it was held stationary such that it would cause an overdose. If the 3B laser treatment had been delivered in using same scanning technique as the class IV then they would likely have achieved the same result. (I am not a fan of scanning because you can never be sure how much energy you have delivered to an area, better to use a low intensity device and hold it still in my view).

This paper misdirects the reader towards favouring class IV lasers rather than 3b or LED by misinforming the reader.

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Low Level Laser (LLLT) “regenerates teeth”

Low level laser regenerates teeth TV, radio and newspapers all over the world got very excited last week reporting that “laser regenerates teeth” following a Harvard study. The study showed that LLLT stimulates the stem cells resident in the tooth pulp to form dentin (for details click below). This is the highest profile announcement for any LLLT paper ever and will add significant awareness and credibility for everyone in the field. Congratulations and huge thanks to the author Dr Praveen Arany B.D.S., M.D.S., M.M.Sc., Ph.D. who is now a Clinical Investigator at NIH.

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Class IV laser dose concern. An update from Prof. Jan Bjordal. World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT)

The title of last months PMLS editorial was Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) Dosage Recommendations. Written by the Scientific Secretary Prof. Jan Bjordal. He describes how far we have come and the importance of the WALT dosage recommendations. No abstract is available for editorials so I have prepared one for you below. Continue reading

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Class IV laser treatments take longer than 3B lasers

A paper titled ”The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Class IV (10 W) Laser Treatment for Epicondylitis” [ref] showed that 10 Watt Class IV laser (mixed 8W 970nm, 2W 810) was successful in reducing pain and improving function in an RCT with 15 patients, and that there was good statistical significance at 6 months following a course of 6 treatments.

The claim by class IV laser manufacturers is that class IV lasers are better (faster, deeper and more effective) than Class 3b and LED systems. Conversely the 3B laser and LED manufacturers argue that less power density is more effective because delivering energy too quickly can overdose tissues and class IV lasers might burn the skin.

Throughout this paper there are marketing messages claiming the advantages  of shorter treatment times than low power LLLT systems and of course the title shouts “10 Watt Class IV laser” just in case the reader is in any doubt that more power is what you need.

Regular readers of this column know my obsession with irradiation parameters, particularly dose rate effects (W/cm2) and will not be surprised to learn that I deconstruced the irradiation parameters used in this trial . Surprise, surprise they were the same low irradiance levels typically used by 3B lasers and LED systems, if not less and the treatment time was longer too.

Yes, it was a 10 Watt laser and yes, 3,000 joules was delivered, however it had a  large beam area and treatment was delivered over (45cm2) in a “painting fashion”. The fluence (dose) was 6.6 Joules/cm2 and the power density was a tiny 22mW/cm2, consequently  treatment time was a hefty 5 mins.

The average irradiance was not disclosed in the paper and the reader is directed to think that more power is quicker.

P.S.  research trials with 3B lasers are typically 30 seconds to 3 mins and our recommended treatment is 1 min with a large LED cluster to the lateral epicondyle and 30 seconds for any related trigger points.

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New video interview. Very good I think. Ron is articulate and a straight down the middle guy.

It would be nice if human hospitals could give the LLLT attention Ron gives his animal patients.

For more on THOR pet treatments click here

For more on LLLT training click here

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THOR at Harvard MIT

David Sengeh has been developing powered limbs at MIT for amputees (like the bionic man). Where the powered limb attaches to the body (the stump of the original leg) it gets very sore. David has been using our standard THOR products to heal the stump and reduce pain. It works very well, though it takes a lot of time to treat the whole area. I am in Boston now to help David start clinical trials with a new device we designed that will treat the whole stump. The amputee puts the the leg stump into the LED treatment cylinder and gets a complete treatment in just one minute :-)


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The THOR LLLT Treatment Library

Available only to people who have attended a THOR training course in the last 3 years. All treatments are based on our four step method which includes treatment of the injury, trigger points, lymphatics and nerve roots.

Take a look to see how it works and let us know what you think.

Access Treatment Protocol Library

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Course Testimonial: Dr. Marty Henderson

Dr. Marty Henderson“After two 8 hour training courses from THOR filled with MD surgeons/GPs, dentists, vets and therapists I am fully convinced of the therapeutic benefits and potential to resolve major issues. The evidence THOR has in double blinded randomized studies is irrefutable and the photo evidence alone is super impressive.

I bought the THOR DDv which is the highly portable veterinary unit with the 2 main probes that one would need. Total cost was ~$12,000 – a far cry from the cost of a Class 4! The 2 probes that are must-haves are the 69LED cluster (absolute must have – can live with this one alone) and the 1W Laser infrared cluster (necessary for analgesia and pain management).

Dr. Marty HendersonI would urge you to contact Valerie Gause, who was our saleswoman. She is a registered nurse and knows TONS about this technology, how it works, where it works, why it works, has access to all the published literature…and next available chance, you should attend a seminar. It will blow your mind. We took our MD doctor who’s been working on my son with us (because he was interested) and he purchased a tabletop unit for his office with all the laser probes. It is amazing technology.”

Marty Henderson, DVM
SonoVet, Inc
New Braunfels, TX, USA

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Testimonial: Andrea Woodruff

Andrea Woodruff“I have had chronic reactive arthritis for the last 15 years since I got a Lyme disease vaccine. My doctors all believe that my condition is from the vaccine, but studies on the product don’t match. No matter the debatable reason for my problem, I have to deal with chronic pain and obvious swelling. I get surgery on the larger joints, and steroid injections on the small joints with a lot of swelling. The only pain reliever that works is Ketorlac, but the doctors are worried about the long term effects on my kidneys.

Your product has been working–almost to a shocking degree. The CDC said that my condition is treatment resistant so I didn’t have a lot of hope after failing methotrexate, plaquinil, sulfasalizine, etc. You have something impressive on your hands for vaccine injury–assuming that is actually what happened. Thank you.”

Andrea Woodruff
Texas, United States

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Course Testimonial: Steven Wojtaszczyk

Steven WojtaszczykPhotobiomodulation Training Course Testimonial:
Steven Wojtaszczyk
Complete Health & Wellness LLC
Henderson NV, USA

“After undergoing a neck/brain surgery, I learned of the photobiomodulation therapy while attending a course through CryoUsa. Intrigued yet skeptic and after undergoing all of the pain management in the form of painkillers/injections, I had to learn more. I attended a second course in San Diego, which was very informative even for someone with no medical background such as myself. I was fortunate enough to receive a treatment during the seminar in front of the attendees, which took approximately 3-5 min. Within moments after the treatment I could actually turn my head fully towards my left shoulder without wincing in pain! I was never so excited to drive home being able to fully look to my left side, with no pain! Thor is truly the future of medicine! I would like to thank James Carroll and the Thor team for bringing this exciting technology front and center!”

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Martha Carroll

Martha Carroll“I started Laser Therapy at The Rays of Hope in December 2015. My start sessions consisted of eight eight-minute sessions on the NovoThor light bed. My intent in exploring alternative therapy was to address a long-standing Fibromyalgia issue. In recent years I have experienced increasingly painful rheumatoid arthritis (both hands and one foot), depression accompanied by brain fog, which translates to little comprehension involving everyday conversation. Traditional medicine translated to more pills of increasing dosages. Therefore, I was open to alternative treatment.

I presented with muscle pain, burning sensations in both shoulders, back and neck areas. Joint pain: stiff knees, ankles and fingers. I couldn’t shake hands, open jars, bottles, pick up objects and often cringed at being touched. Fatigue was a daily occurrence. I slept 10 hours or more a night but not restfully and, often, fell asleep sitting on the sofa.

After one NovoThor session I felt less lethargic and very relaxed. With each ensuing treatment I felt better with all of the previously disclosed symptoms less severe. Relief lasted for months. I felt like a happier person. I was able to do without another session for seven months. Then, I began to regress. I am now nearing the end of eight 12-minute sessions. I am not saying all my aches and pains are gone but I do feel much better.”

Martha Carroll
Florida, USA

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Course Testimonial: Wally Taylor, MD

Wally Taylor, MDPhotobiomodulation Training Course Testimonial:
Wally Taylor, MD
Texas Integrative Medicine
Austin, TX, USA

“The Thor user training seminar provided a great balance of background science, clinical studies, and hands-on practice with plenty of time for stimulating conversation and brainstorming about future directions. I am sure that my therapists and I will have every chance for success in taking this amazing modality to our patients in need, thanks to Mr. Carroll’s teaching.”

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NovoTHOR testimonial: Brad Marquardt

Brad Marquardt“For most of my adult life I have suffered with moderate to severe back pain. It progressively got worse during and after being my deceased wife’s caregiver, while still operating my businesses which do require a lot of physical activities. At times, my left gluteus maximus and sciatic nerve will erupt just walking 100 feet from my house to the mailbox. The pain travels from there through my left quadriceps and down through my left calf and into my left foot erupting again in my Plantar Fascia. I have purchased six pair of shoes in the last seven months trying to get something that would possibly give me some comfort and reduce my pain level from a 8 or 9 down to a somewhat manageable level. I’ve been to a Podiatrist three times and the results on him attempting to give me relief have not worked.

In 2011 I had passed out from severe pain due to pinched nerves at the L3 – L4 area. I had a fusion on the left side and a lot my pain went away. In 2012 I had the same procedure done on the right side of L3 – L4 and again a lot of the pain abated. In 2013 that area of my back seemed to explode causing me to again pass out. I now have a titanium plate fusing those two vertebrae but the pain is still at a very high level.

I was told I will need another fusion at the L4 – L5 and possibly at the L5 – S1 area and that I will be down for 12 weeks. I still have businesses that require my daily physical attention so is not really an option. The only thing I have been able to do since this news is to daily take multiple pain and anti-spasm pills, Aleve and use cold and heat packs. I have also been getting deep tissue massage and chiropractic care. With all of that my physical discomfort is maxed out while standing, sitting or even trying to sleep.

I had heard about and read up on LLLT and found The Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center in Lady Lake. I set an appointment for the 4 hour drive which knew was going to require multiple stops to stretch and whine about my pain. I do not like to take the meds when I am driving so there were multiple whining stops over the four hours. I met Valerie at Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center and she explained to me what she positively believed would help me. I am an eternal optimist and her words told me that “this was it!” Of course I had thought that with three surgeries, multiple injections, too many drugs to count and list goes on.

I got into the NovoTHOR Light Pod which Valerie had set for a 12 minute session. I was comfortable in this unit and my thought was simply that it was bright and warm. When I finished there was now out of this world feeling like a 20 year old. Valerie and I then sat for another three hours talking about this unit as a business. Finishing that I started another four hour road trip home. At that point I started realizing something had happened to make me feel like a 20 year old!

It was five days later before I had any of the original pains and I took one anti spasm pill. From there all that I noticed was no drugs, no stops to stretch and very good sleep. It was a total of nine days before the intense pain came back and that was probably due to a plane ride to Washington to meet Valerie at a training seminar. Fortunately Valerie had a desk top Low Level Laser Therapy unit and performed a miracle 12 minute treatment on my lumbar and sciatic nerve area. I could feel the pain decrease in stages from my gluteus maximus to my quadriceps and finally into my left foot where the Plantar Fascia released.

I have been involved in the medical industry for 23 years in one form or another dealing with the infirmed, the limbless, the blind and the dying. I will say without hesitation the NovoTHOR LLLT is the future of medicine!”

Brad Marquardt
Ft. Myers, FL

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