THOR and NovoTHOR video testimonials and interviews

  1. James Carroll: US Congress Briefing Highlights (4:32)
  2. James Carroll: United Nations – Global Health Impact Forum (14:33)
  3. James Carroll interviewed by Dr Beth McDougall about NovoTHOR
  4. NovoTHOR Fibromyalgia testimonial: Wanda’s got her life back
  5. James Carroll receives Maiman award
  6. James Carroll: Photobiomodulation might be the answer to the opioid crisis (36:30)
  7. Lecture: How to teach Photobiomodulation (PBM)
  8. Smart Talk Radio James Carroll Interview
  9. Dr Mercola interviews James Carroll (2:47)
  10. Pain, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Ankylosing Spondylitis, “I am easier to live with”
  11. 9 year old girl, remarkable recovery from stroke at birth – Leah’s Story
  12. 15 concussions and depression treated with the THOR helmet and it worked
  13. Back Pain Opioid patient – Eryn’s Story
  14. Cancer patient and RTA patient and why choose THOR
  15. Patients that do not respond to NovoTHOR
  16. Why did I choose NovoTHOR?
  17. Osteoporosis Patient – Peggy
  18. NovoTHOR development and construction
  19. Diabetic Patient
  20. Degenerative Disc Disease – Elaine
  21. Car Accident / Neck Arthritis – Amy
  22. Sleep, Anxiety, Back Pain – Tracy
  23. Chronic back and neck pain – Trino Pedraza
  24. Dallas Mavericks Cheerleader / dancer
  25. Extreme Martial Arts performance and injuries – Garrett Poole
  26. Special Forces Veteran TBI / weight lifter / shoulder injury / spinal arthritis / sleep apnea / now “sleeping better”, “more energetic”, “feeling younger” – Djuan Hales
  27. California Millennials Review NovoTHOR – Michelle Khare
  28. MaryLou – Weight Lifting
  29. Lyme Disease 1 – Hannah Hanson
  30. Lyme Disease 2 – Susan Julian
  31. Lyme Disease 3 – Nadia’s Story
  32. Personal trainer: Pain sleep energy – Cathy Pierce
  33. Major Motorcycle Accident / low back pain – Alysha
  34. Nike Runner – Jordan Hasay
  35. Nike Runner – Galen Rupp
  36. Nike Runner – part 3
  37. American Olympic athlete – Brenda Martinez
  38. NHS Trial Oral Mucositis Sunderland
  39. NHS Trial Oral Mucositis Musgrove Park
  40. Oral Mucositis Nurse presentation
  41. Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis – Therese’s Story
  42. Tony Robbins on NovoTHOR
  43. Ann Busby – Fibromyalgia
  44. PT has less pain, more relaxed and better sleep with NovoTHOR – Jen Houck
  45. Dentist with sciatic pain, shows before and after effects of NovoTHOR
  46. Practice nurse explains why PBM is the future of medicine
  47. Body builder Lauren was taking 40 pills a day for chronic fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalances before NovoTHOR, now back in the gym
  48. Oral Mucositis “The sores were debilitating” (Patient), “this has totally been a game changer” (nurse)
  49. Building NovoTHOR: Made in the USA
  50. Building NovoTHOR: Built with quality components
  51. Building NovoTHOR: Cool LEDs and product lifetime
  52. James Carroll “The World’s Leading Ambassador for Photobiomodulation”
  53. NovoTHOR has been incredible. Life changing – Victoria Robinson
  54. NovoTHOR testimonial: Day 15 Review by David Martin
  55. James interviewed by Jason Pang about the NovoTHOR
  56. Interview of James Carroll by Gut Check Project – Kenneth Brown MD and Eric Rieger, CRNA (127:04)
  57. Interview with James Carroll by Dr Hisham Abdalla
  58. NovoTHOR testimonial: Brenda Martinez, American Olympic athlete
  59. Chris hasn’t felt this good in a really long time after using NovoTHOR for health issues
  60. Chronic Back Pain – Emily Waters
  61. Spinal injury from workplace accident – Jesse Apiti
  62. Rheumatoid arthritis – Andre
  63. Multiple Chronic Injuries – Dimitra, a Sydney dentist
  64. Fatigue caused by Lyme Disease – Arash Jafari
  65. Seven News – Photobiomodulation for chronic pain
  66. Tennis elbow – Paul Harper
  67. Extreme Back Pain & Sciatica – Jo Soper
  68. Dr. Tom Incledon talks about NovoTHOR
  69. Tony Thorley discusses THORLASER
  70. Surfing Hip Injury
  71. Concussions – Conor’s Story
  72. Calf Injury – James Brennan’s Story
  73. Chronic Pain – Jami’s Story
  74. Former lightweight champion Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson
  75. Lorne Brown talks to James Carroll about Photobiomodulation
  76. THOR Photomedicine Training Course promotional video
  77. THOR Photomedicine ‘Talking Evidence’ Training Course promotional video
  78. Chronic Pain from sports, dancing, acting and singing – Craig Hackman
  79. Layne Beachley – Motorcycle back injury, long term extreem back pain 
  80. NovoTHOR testimonial: Yvonne Chee – Marathoner
  81. Post exercise soreness reduced drastically
  82. Skip forward to 2:32 Chemo pt, stiffness, skin ageing, could not do exercise
  83. NBC  Xscape Pain
  84. NovoTHOR testimonial: Barbara – Chronic Pain
  85. Kidney Failure and diabetes – Jay
  86. David avoided shoulder joint replacement
  87. Shepherd University Nursing students hope to treat opioid addiction with light therapy
  88. Former NFL chronic pain – Ned Bolcar
  89. Andrea relief from lymphoedema
  90. Volleyball player concussion – Haley
  91. Learning Disorder
  92. Trigger point locator in action
  93. Employee “Proud to work in a place where true healing happens”
  94. TMJ pain 15 years, PBM helped right from the start, not felt this good in a long time
  95. Thyroid issues, neck and lower back pain – Roda’s testimonial
  96. Knee pain – Eddie Gabrillo’s testimonial
  97. Facial Nerve Palsy – Steve’s testimonial
  98. Stroke patient – Ronnie’s testimonial
  99. Hashimoto’s Thyroidism and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  100. NovoTHOR testimonial: Alice – chronic back pain
  101. NovoTHOR testimonial: Miriam – Elbow Pain
  102. NovoTHOR testimonial: Kim – fibromyalgia and fatigue
  103. NovoTHOR testimonial: Noah – elbow reconstruction surgery
  104. NovoTHOR testimonial: Dee’s performance improved dramatically
  105. NovoTHOR testimonial: Kayleigh – CrossFit training
  106. NovoTHOR testimonial: Rob Demotts – sports recovery
  107. Neck Pain
  108. Joint pain, tiredness, mood, getting more done.
  109. Testimonial: Darrel, Head and Neck Cancer patient
  110. NovoTHOR testimonial: Gary – Sports Performance
  111. NovoTHOR testimonial: Former Singapore National Bowler, Grace Young’s Personal Experience
  112. NovoTHOR testimonial: Car Accident Injury
  113. NovoTHOR testimonial: Jill’s foot fracture and ongoing NovoTHOR experience