NovoTHOR testimonial: Emily Waters – Chronic Back Pain

Emily Waters has suffered chronic debilitating back pain for the past 4 years until trying Photobiomodulation at ATP Therapy. Read Emma’s full story below the video.

“22nd of December 2012 was the date my life changed and not for the better. I had gone to a work party; I had arrived late as I didn’t really want to be there, everyone had been drinking a lot. I was there an hour maybe less when I got up to go to the toilet, when I came back I went to sit down in my chair, and one of my co-workers pulled my chair away. I landed on concrete on my bottom, I could tell straight away what had happened had caused permanent and serious damage, it felt as if my spine had been compacted. I was in shock that someone would do something so stupid to me.

I went to an osteopath the next week and started acupuncture; I did this for a year, nothing changed, I had lost range of movement in my spine and had pain that was sometimes bad sometimes not so bad, but always present. After a year I gave up on the osteo and acupuncture and did nothing for a while, I was still managing to walk around the lake a few times a week, and I still was able to walk at a good pace, so I just accepted that it wasn’t going to get any better.

A friend told me about an osteopath he has seen and recommended me to go there, so I gave it another try. He was good, progress was slow, but after about a year I was back to feeling pretty ok, until…..I was rear ended in my car at an intersection, this sets the whole pain thing off again, the pain now was worse, running from the top of my spine to the bottom. I persisted with the osteo but around the winter off 2016 things started getting really bad, the pain was worse than it had ever been, I’m not sure if this was the work I was doing or if I was experiencing arthritis or if the disc had given way more, I remember sitting down one day and feeling this terrible pain in my lower back as I did, things were worse from there. I could not even walk at the speed I used to walk and walked like an old woman. I had spasms in my lower spine when I walked that were awful; I could not even sit down on my bottom, I had to semi lie, I was really a mess and was terrified this was going to be me for the rest of my life.

I was told about low-level laser therapy (Photobiomodulation) by a friend and thought I’d give it a go as the osteopath had now referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and wanted me to have another MRI as his treatment wasn’t helping. I started seeing Karen for treatments around October of 2016. For a long time I really couldn’t tell if it was making any difference, but slowly I noticed changes, changes in how the pain was, different feelings in my body, pins and needles in my legs. Once when Karen was treating me, I felt a wave of feeling going through my lower body, really weird but apparently that was the nerves coming back to life as the inflammation subsided. It took some time.

I think I really started noticing the change when I started being able to sit again, around March when my back spasms stopped when I walked. I have regained my speed of walking and most days I don’t feel the pain anymore. I am down to one treatment per week. I still can’t do things like vacuuming without it playing up but I’m hoping in time this will come right as well. I only wish I had known about this treatment sooner and I highly recommend anyone who is in pain to try it.”
– Emily Waters

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