Testimonial: Learning Disorder

The young man featured in this video had a history of cognitive issues, including difficulty with reading and comprehension. After testing positive for auditory processing disorder, he came to HOPE Laser Institute to treat his condition with Photobiomodulation.

Dr. Susan Bostian, H.O.P.E.’s cognitive specialist, explains that humans think in patterns. But when complex brain patterns crisscross, cognitive roadblocks are formed that can impact the brain’s ability to think clearly.

Photobiomodulation targets those cognitive roadblocks so cognitive learning pathways are formed evenly and consistently. Testing confirms that this treatment improves cognitive function, something Dr. Bostian can see demonstrated in a patient’s demeanor after as little as six weeks of treatment.
In the case of this video’s subject, treatment resulted in improvements in reading and comprehension to the extent that he no longer required supplementary help. 

Simply put, the human brain is able to function in a more normal, rhythmic pattern as a result of Photobiomodulation.

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