Testimonial: Andrea Poloni – Relief from Lymphedema

Andrea Poloni had a lumpectomy in both breasts and her doctors found one gland had a small amount of cancer in it, so they took some lymph glands from there. They warned her that she could possibly get Lymphedema and she did develop it. Andrea received the standard lymphatic treatment at the hospital which involved wrapping, massage and so on, but the swelling remained in her right arm and hand. 

Ever since Andrea has had the Photobiomodulation treatment at HOPE Laser Institute, she has not had any swelling whatsoever and is very happy and can do everything that she wants to do. Her specialist doctors are amazed and very happy with her results and have asked her to bring information to them about Photobiomodulation.

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Disclaimer: These comments by healthcare professionals and their patients are solely their own. They are uncompensated personal stories about how they have used, or been impacted by, light therapy. These uses have not been reviewed or cleared by FDA.

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