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In Memoriam Professor Isaac Kaplan: 1919 – 2012

Isaac Kaplan was not an LLLT guru but the first surgical laser pioneer. As you will see below he was a tremendous figure, well known and much loved. I will leave it to Glen to tell his story but will add one anecdote of my own which Isaac told me:

Many decades ago Isaac was the guest of honour at a dinner in China where upon he alone was served a grand imperial treat called Emperors Soup. The hosts and other guests gathered around to watch in awe as he enjoyed this great delicacy. As Isaac gazed into his soup he saw something moving. Nervously, he picked up his spoon and, bringing the offending creature to the surface, wondered if he … Continue reading

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Lasers at the olympics

I know of at least 3 teams using THOR lasers at the London Olympics

GB, USA and Australia.

Who else do you know here with a THOR ?

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Dogs, cats and horses get THOR LLLT / Low Level Laser Therapy treatment

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How LLLT Low Level Laser Therapy Works (video cartoon)

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Two tigers and a bear get THOR LLLT / Low Level laser Therapy

As you probably know, LLLT / Low Level laser Therapy can be used on horses, dogs and cats. What about big cats and grizzly bears?

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The THOR LLLT Treatment Protocols Library

The Treatment Protocol Library is available only to THOR Customers and/or people who have attended a THOR training course in the last 3 years. All treatments are based on our four step method which includes treatment of the injury, trigger points, lymphatics and nerve roots.

Take a look to see how it works and let us know what you think.

Access Treatment Protocol Library

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Many diodes make light work

Having just posted a feature on Prof. Jan Bjordal and the WALT dosage recommendations (read here), I am thinking about dose and cluster probes.

The advice from them is that the correct energy should be applied, that the whole pathology should be treated and, in some cases, there is a power density limit.

At our training course last weekend, someone asked how our LED cluster probe treatment dosage can be compared with the WALT guidelines which are based on single probe treatments. For example, the guidelines for treating a tennis elbow is one or two points, 4 joules per point, max 100mW/cm2.

With our 69 LED cluster probe, for example, the total power applied seems very high (1390 mW). … Continue reading

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