THOR at Harvard MIT

David Sengeh has been developing powered limbs at MIT for amputees (like the bionic man). Where the powered limb attaches to the body (the stump of the original leg) it gets very sore. David has been using our standard THOR products to heal the stump and reduce pain. It works very well, though it takes a lot of time to treat the whole area. I am in Boston now to help David start clinical trials with a new device we designed that will treat the whole stump. The amputee puts the the leg stump into the LED treatment cylinder and gets a complete treatment in just one minute :-)


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  1. Troy Ottwell says:

    James Carroll and Thor are at the top of the cold laser/light therapy revolution . Hats off to one of the leaders. All of us in the pain relief / wellness arena should give Mr.Carroll a 5 star rating.

    Troy / Painstop.US Dallas Texas June 20, 2013

  2. Dr Maxwell Fox says:

    From time to time I treat a diabetic, bilateral below knee amputee, for stump ulcers caused by his prosthesis. The patient lives 300 miles away! LLLT treatment is always very helpful but takes a long time.
    What a tremendous idea for treatment.
    I am sure that, in the future, this will become a “must” for every limb centre.

  3. Kirti Saxena says:

    Please conduct a training course in India, preferably in New Delhi

  4. Joyce A. Brown, DO, MPH says:

    Stump degradation is an unintentional adverse effect of prosthetic devices that inhibit ones activities of daily living, particularly, lost work days from suffering and pain. It is exciting that emerging PBM technology such as this enhances wound healing in less duration of time, activities restored, and suffering relieved.

  5. Troy Ottwell says:

    Oct 31, 2013
    Wow..this Thor device is an excellent example of advanced cold laser therapy. The team at Thor and Mr. James Carroll are world class leaders in the use of cold lasers.

    Any healthcare or lay person must follow what Mr. Carroll and Thor Photomedicine showcase if they wish to be knowledgeable and informed in what is happening in light therapy.

    Thor is an outstanding line of cold lasers. Mr. Carroll’s one day seminars are exceptional for the lay person and the healthcare professional. If you have never had professional cold laser training..this is the place to start. His fly away schedule probably includes a site near you.

    Troy Ottwell … A cold laser use since 2010. THOR’s Cold Laser seminar will
    give you the basics of how to use cold lasers. None better anywhere.
    Of the 10 or 11 workshops / seminars I have personally attended and
    paid for, James is the best investment I have ever made.

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