How THOR pulses affect dose (they dont)

THOR laser and LED treatment probes always give the same average power regardless if pulsed or continuous.

THOR pulses are not a fixed pulse width, the pulses are always 88% on 12% off so no matter what pulse frequency is used the the average power remains the same, even when compared with continuous.

This is because we increase the peak power in pulsed mode to compensate for the period when the beam is off.

At say 2.5Hz the THOR pulse width is calculated  0.88 / 2.5  = 0.352 seconds (352ms)

At say 10Hz the THOR pulse width is calculated 0.88 / 10 = 0.088 seconds (88ms)

At say 100Hz the THOR pulse width is calculated 0.88 / 100 = 0.0088 seconds (8.8ms)

How THOR pulses affect dose (they dont)

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