The truth will set you free, but you might need a political bulldozer

I love introducing LLLT to an audience of doctors oblivious and innocent of its effects on tissue regeneration, inflammation and pain. At first, the response is that no therapy can do all of this (heal diabetic wounds, improve recovery from sports injuries, neck pain, osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain etc), then I explain the mechanism by which LLLT increases ATP and reduces oxidative stress. By the time I have finished, the final question is not “what is LLLT?” or “how does it work?” or “is there clinical evidence?” but “why is this not used everywhere throughout medicine?”.

The truth is that evidence is not enough. I am involved in the early stages of putting together an international multicentre clinical trial for a pathology that already has 14 RCTs behind it. What difference will one more trial make? The difference may not be the trial itself, but the eminence of the doctors / scientists and their institutions doing it. I am also involved in the early stages of fund raising for another trial that has considerably less clinical data behind it and will be far less ambitious in its scale but, I suspect, will make greater progress. Why ? The focus on political influence. It is not enough to do good science, not enough to address a big unmet need, not enough to influence key opinion leaders, you have got to get the political bulldozers in.

Watch this space…..

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3 Responses to The truth will set you free, but you might need a political bulldozer

  1. Andy Sordyl says:

    Go-get-em James. great work that you are doing. There is so much good medicine out there which is not getting to the people who need it because of the politics but also the fact that this is a profit oriented society that we live in and unless you can make big bucks its not given credence, or more to the point, if it affects your product or threatens your profit then crush it. I use the laser in my practice at every opportunity and have had some wonderful results. My own knee also.
    keep up the good work, and don’t let the bastards get you down. Andy

  2. shah zarak khan says:

    What Andy said is right.There are many opportunist who practice medicine for the sake of making money and they make the patients suffer. My mother is one of the victims and I am sure there are many more.
    I know that the laser with the right research put in will provide good live to the nation. Many are threaten due to what the laser could offer.The patients are the true customers. Lets do justice for them.GOD BLESS.

  3. Gordon park says:

    James I’m definately on your side about LLLT, I’ve only been practicing for less than two months but the interest is immense, I believe that this should be used as a front line therapy. Instead pharmaceutical companies making fortunes on pills that could be prevented by the use of LLLT. Wake up Medical Profession and Nice.

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