Testimonial: Tor Gotun, DDS, General Dentist

Tor Gotun, DDS, General Dentist“I have undergone a hip replacement and the THOR treatment managed to close the incision in less than a week so I could go in the hot tub.
I had no bandage on from that point. I continued treatment for more 2 weeks. The result is that I will have my next hip this coming Monday, 2 months ahead of schedule!

The standard interval between replacing hips is 3 months. This is based on speed of healing as seen on radiographs, test of mobility, level of pain and the possibility of coagulation problems for the next surgery (thrombosis). I have no pain in the hip, no limp and all the testing shows great results.

Thanks to THOR I’m having my second one after only one month.”

Tor Gotun, DDS, General Dentist
Austin Smile Creations
Austin TX, USA

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