NovoTHOR testimonial: Post Surgical Healing and Lymphedema

NovoTHOR: The whole-body light pod using Photobiomodulation Therapy“I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in August 2015. My treatment plan was chemotherapy, double mastectomy and radiation therapy. Valerie is a friend from church who began discussing light therapy with me after I finished my chemotherapy treatments, before I had surgery. Valerie explained to me all the research that had been done and how light therapy has benefited many people.

I was very open minded about trying the treatment, so Valerie recommended visiting with my oncologist. I visited with my radiation oncologist, and he gave me permission to do the light therapy.

I did my first session prior to surgery, based on Valerie’s suggestion, to promote quicker healing. At first, prior to the surgery, I really couldn’t tell much difference. After surgery however, my surgeon was surprised at how quickly I was healing. I attribute this to the light therapy I had received prior to the surgery.

Another thing I noticed that made a huge physical difference as a result of doing the light treatments was that after surgery I could feel the fluid building up in my lymph node area. Immediately after a light therapy treatment, the fluid was gone! That’s when I realized the biggest difference the light therapy made.

I will definitely continue with light therapy until I am completely healed.”

Deanna B. – Lady Lake FL

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