Testimonial: Michele Abernathy, RDA

Michele Abernathy, RDA“My husband has used lasers in his dental office for decades to performs endodontics and surgeries. Our initial unit was the size of a small filing cabinet and sounded like an airplane engine. The benefits we witnessed made all that worthwhile. A year ago he attended a THOR course in Orlando, Florida and came home enthusiastic over the multiple uses beyond dental applications. I then attended a course with him in Phoenix, AZ and caught his enthusiasm.

We are in a rural area where new ideas are usually met with skepticism. THOR has a large and positive internet presence which helps us explain and promote our THOR laser. The support at THOR is exceptional with timely replies and assistance in researching protocols. When a new patient comes and experiences the healing of THOR laser I often hear “will it also treat ‘this’?” so I research it and am pleased when “yes” is the answer. We’re attending another course soon just to keep up with the THOR research.”

Michele Abernathy, RDA
John S Abernathy, DDS
Arkansas, USA

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