Testimonial: Dr Michele Browne

North Nowra Medical Practice“I’ve been treating a 23 yo man who has had recurrent spontaneous episodes of ‘compartment syndrome’ (with confirmed high level pressure tests) since the age of 12. He had had 2x release surgeries in the past, but due to long term nerve damage, his surgeon was unwilling to do further surgery when his bilat calf pain recurred in the past year. The surgeon recommended trying THOR Treatment. I didn’t have a protocol as such, but used the one for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the Lower legs.

I’m delighted to say that he has made a huge improvement in symptoms and is able to continue with work and recreational activities with only low grade pain intermittently.”

Dr Michele Browne
North Nowra Medical Practice
23 McMahons Rd
North Nowra NSW 2541

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