Testimonial: Dr. Kevin Hole

Dr Kevin HoleHello James and Mark,
Happy New Year!

Thank you for the training course last September. As you know, I had been studying the possibility of this treatment modality for some time but had not encountered Thor Photomedicine.

I was very encouraged when I happened upon your promotional notices and began to examine the biological and clinical foundation of your products. The course fulfilled expectations and the opportunity to have hands on time with the equipment was inspiring. I have always made it a priority to purchase quality equipment for my dental practice and it was immediately apparent that the Thor System was intelligently designed, extremely well constructed and robust for regular clinical use.

I am extremely pleased with the 5 Probe Thor Laser System purchased last September and my initial confidence in the product has been amply rewarded.

The capacity for clinicians to treat their patients at a cellular level will vastly expand the frontier of Preventive Dentistry. It is, of course, early days but my initial clinical results point to the successful application of this technology in the treatment of the following –

  • TMJ Dysfunction, Myo-Facial pain, Neck pain
  • Maintenance of pulp vitality subsequent to dentinal remineralisation procedures
  • Periodontal disease subsequent to non-surgical procedures
  • Facilitation of the healing of extraction sockets
  • Dramatic reduction of dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Recurrence of pain in vital teeth that had previously received restorative treatment for deep fractures. Following the use of both intra-oral probes the teeth rapidly returned to normal.
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Paresthesia of the lower left lip region (sensory innervation from Mental Nerve); The area had been completely numb for 18 months and after 4 treatments briefly “woke up for a couple of days”. The patient said the feeling was extremely annoying and he almost felt like pulling the lip off. The paresthesia returned and we have done 2 more treatments but illness has prevented him from returning. I feel that he has a good prospect for the resolution of this condition. He had left parotid gland surgery with X-RAY Therapy about 20 years ago and, interestingly, the skin on the side of his face, which was hardened with very dense scars became supple and displayed a normal texture.

As for non-dental applications-
My eldest son’s hand injury has progressed very well after excellent surgery and I have confidence that PBMT will effectively deal with the dense scar tissue that runs through the middle of the the rescued index finger nail bed. I commenced Thor treatment as soon as I had the machine, and we have averaged about twice weekly. I will send photos.

I have been treating my wife’s knee injury (pain approximately 10 years, she did not want to have surgery); she can now sleep without NSAIDs and has resumed aerobic training.

My elbow problem no longer impedes heavy weight training, the joint feels stable and pain is now only occasional and minimal.

I am regularly applying the 69 array probe to adult family members for stem cell stimulation, urticaria, cuts, bruises etc. etc.
It really is a revelation and the sense that one can make a substantial contribution to the health and healing of others is both compelling and serene.

Warm Regards,

Kevin Hole
General Dentist
NSW, Australia

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