Testimonial: Clinton Quinn

Clinton Quinn“I found the recent Thor laser seminar very informative. It was good to talk to other people with a Thor laser, there is much to learn all the time when using it for all types of injuries. I use Thor Laser with remedial therapies and good nutritional advice with my patients. The 3 treatments all complement each other with client success rate increasing every month.”

Please see some of the treatments I have administered since I purchased the Thor Laser

  • Osteoarthritis of the joints of the hand: I have had much success using this treatment as followed in the protocols. I have treated 6 people for this very painful condition, most commented after the first treatment of less pain, and after treatment number 2 a significant decrease in swelling and pain. All follow up treatments achieved significant improvement, to the point of the patient having full use of the hands with no pain and the ability to lead a normal life. This is very encouraging when some of them have been suffering for 10 years or more.
  •  Sciatica: Some of the 5 patients I have treated for Sciatica have limped in and walked out, on one occasion a patient limped in and when after the treatment he said he had left his wallet in the car, he then ran out of my clinic and appeared back within minutes. I advised him that he should not be running and that he should take it easy, he said that he felt no pain and ran without thinking.
    I have found a good result is at the end of a Sciatica treatment I trace the sciatic nerve slowly from the heel to the sacrum lumbar region with the 1W laser Cluster 2.5Hz, taking approximately 4 minutes. Using remedial therapies in combination with the laser seems to enable the patient to achieve more range of movement and a faster healing time.
  • Frozen Shoulder: Best results are when the treatments commence within the first few months of the patient being diagnosed, if left too long adhesive capsules can form and restrict a progressive return to full range of movement.
    I use remedial therapies combined with the laser to achieve a progressive result.
  • Back and Neck pain: These two common conditions are the most prevalent treatment that I perform every day. I have found that by releasing the muscles associated with the affected area, then using the laser protocols seems to have encouraging results. With some of my patients, that have suffered for many years are now pain free.
    At the end of a treatment I have the patient go through a range of motion test to indicate where continuing pain is present. If pain is still present I use the 1W laser cluster at 2.5Hz in areas still affected by pain.

The protocols are very comprehensive and are easy to follow. I am very impressed.

Clinton Quinn
Naturopath Remedial Massage Therapist
Queensland, Australia

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