Testimonial: Andrea

“I have had chronic reactive arthritis for the last 15 years since I got a Lyme disease vaccine. My doctors all believe that my condition is from the vaccine, but studies on the product don’t match. No matter the debatable reason for my problem, I have to deal with chronic pain and obvious swelling. I get surgery on the larger joints, and steroid injections on the small joints with a lot of swelling. The only pain reliever that works is Ketorlac, but the doctors are worried about the long term effects on my kidneys.

Your product has been working–almost to a shocking degree. The CDC said that my condition is treatment resistant so I didn’t have a lot of hope after failing methotrexate, plaquinil, sulfasalizine, etc. You have something impressive on your hands for vaccine injury–assuming that is actually what happened. Thank you.”

Andrea, United States

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