Course Testimonial: Dr. Marty Henderson

Dr. Marty Henderson“After two 8 hour training courses from THOR filled with MD surgeons/GPs, dentists, vets and therapists I am fully convinced of the therapeutic benefits and potential to resolve major issues. The evidence THOR has in double blinded randomized studies is irrefutable and the photo evidence alone is super impressive.

I bought the THOR DDv which is the highly portable veterinary unit with the 2 main probes that one would need. Total cost was ~$12,000 – a far cry from the cost of a Class 4! The 2 probes that are must-haves are the 69LED cluster (absolute must have – can live with this one alone) and the 1W Laser infrared cluster (necessary for analgesia and pain management).

Dr. Marty HendersonI would urge you to contact Valerie Gause, who was our saleswoman. She is a registered nurse and knows TONS about this technology, how it works, where it works, why it works, has access to all the published literature…and next available chance, you should attend a seminar. It will blow your mind. We took our MD doctor who’s been working on my son with us (because he was interested) and he purchased a tabletop unit for his office with all the laser probes. It is amazing technology.”

Marty Henderson, DVM
SonoVet, Inc
New Braunfels, TX, USA

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