NovoTHOR testimonial update: Ann Busby

Ann Busby“When I first started with the NovoThor around a year ago, I had fibromyalgia pain (all over), arthritis pain (all over, particularly in the Lumbar section of the low back), and was fatigued so bad that I spent most of the day in bed. I was not interested, nor was I able, to do anything.

Of course, living that way brought depression big time. I wasn’t as bad as some, but worse than others. At first, I noticed that my feet weren’t hurting as much as usual. I mentioned this to Valerie, who said she’d noticed the same, and was able to wear her heels without the usual discomfort (yeah!).

Next I noticed that I was starting to get my energy back. Nothing like wanting to do cartwheels, but able to go to the movies with my friend, and do things with Bob, my husband. The increase in energy has become significant. I want to walk again (not from here to the car, but take walks). I want to do more-I just can’t believe my bed lies vacant, awaiting me, and I have no interest in being there!

My overall pain has decreased fairly significantly. My back is still a mess, but other joints don’t bother me as much as they did months ago. I’m still taking pain pills, but not as many-and that’s significant for me.

But it’s the energy return that’s so exciting! People who haven’t seen me in a while say I look great, that I’m smiling, my eyes are sparkling, I’m walking less stiffly. I feel overall hugely better, have lost 20 pounds, and it’s showing on the outside! The Rays of Hope have actually been the Rays of Miracles for me.

I’m willing to give up 2 afternoons a week to go wherever the bed is. I need it-almost like a drug. But of course, it’s all good; there is not one negative return here. I’ve never been as excited about alternative therapy as I am now.

When I first met Valerie over 3 years ago, she’d come to our Fibromyalgia Support Group to tell us about her hand-held low level light therapy she was selling. Since I hurt too much in too many places, I couldn’t see spending that much money on something I had to hold over place that hurt. Somehow I knew that this technology would explode and start offering healing to all of us with visible and invisible illnesses. And I believe it is – it will be the next healing wave.

When she called me with great excitement over the bed, I was one of her first clients. My husband, Bob, has been going as well. Although he’s not showing the overall change I’m experiencing, he does look better. He’s able to do more than before Rays. We are converts absolutely! We wish we had that kind of money lying around to invest in the bed!

Thank you, Valerie for giving me my life back! I don’t know how to repay this special gift! You are a very special person to work so hard to help others with this technology. It has meant the world to me!”

Love, Ann Busby
Leader The Villages Fibromyalgia Support Group

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