NovoTHOR testimonial: Susan Brooks RN,BSN,MS,MS,APRN

Susan Brooks RN,BSN,MS,MS,APRNI was asked to write about my experience with the NovoTHOR Light Bed as a recent user. When I was first treated with the system, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical. I was walking with a cane and the damage to the right knee was so bad that my very conservative orthopedic surgeon agreed to place an artificial knee whenever I completed the pre-surgery testing. As is often the case, it would take a few months to complete the tests and schedule the surgery. Over the last couple of years, cortisone and other injections had been tried and although some improvement was noted, it was short-lived and not totally effective.

Through a chance encounter I met Steve at Complete Health and Wellness and agreed to try the Thor light bed. Initially I did notice that I was more comfortable and the time under the light was very restful and refreshing.

After 1 treatment, the knee started to improve I was able to get around without the cane. Interestingly, I did lose some weight in the process, I noticed my skin was clearer and in general I felt better as did the knee.
Because the Thor Light Bed has become a regular part of my weekly activities I totally endorse its use for anyone who has joint pain.

I have extensive experience in the medical field and believe that PBM therapy could be a great help to those with similar symptoms as myself.

Susan Brooks RN,BSN,MS,MS,APRN
Nevada, USA

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