NovoTHOR testimonial: Chris Cooksey

To whom it may concern:

Chris CookseyI am a 42 year old former professional Motocross racer, I have suffered a laundry list of injuries throughout my career (over 20 surgeries, a toe amputation and a knee due for knee replacement). I would list all my injuries, but I don’t want to write a 3000 word document. I have struggled with opiates in the past as they allow temporary relief but have side effects and a potential for addiction. Opiates as a long term solution seems like death sentence. Unfortunately most doctors don’t consider alternative treatments rather than pills and surgery. I have searched for relief from my chronic arthritis without using pain pills and their horrendous side effects. Some treatments offer minor benefits, but most just offer a placebo effect at a high price.

Chris Cooksey - former professional Motocross racerAfter hearing Tony Robbins mention the pain relief and healing aspects of the Novothor Light bed I researched a location in Henderson, NV. This led me to Complete Health and Wellness, from my first visit Steve and his crew have given me thorough explanations and realistic expectations. My expectations have greatly exceeded what I could have imagined. My body feels like I am 25 again, in addition I have lost body fat and seem to be in a better mood. I am so grateful that Complete Health and Wellness offers this treatment and I will share my experience with my fellow Motorcycle racers. Opiate addiction among Motorcycle Racers is at epidemic level and this alternative could save lives. It might seem excessive to say this will save lives, but anything that gives chronic pain sufferers relief without drugs will save lives.


Chris Cooksey

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