Course Testimonial: Kimberly Juhlin

DVM Kimberly Juhlin, DVMLLLT Training Course Testimonial: Kimberly Juhlin, DVM
Vale Park Animal Hospital, Valparaiso, IN, USA

“After attending the Orlando CE meeting and all the learning that has followed I have come to the conclusion that Thor beats them all, on several levels.

The Orlando CE meeting was one of the best that I have ever attended. I learned a lot about a complex topic in an easier to understand and clinically relevant way. James Carroll is a fabulous, fun teacher and a humble genius in the area of LLLT. After the meeting, I had a lot more questions.

Dr. Ron Hirschberg and Valerie Gause answered any question I had with science and the literature to back up their information.

The other companies can’t hold a candle to your customer service. You have provided and defended the science behind your product. You have been professional in not bashing the competition, simply pointing out the flaws in their claims. You have helped me to navigate the marketing tricks and understand the difference between what happens in the laboratory and clinical setting.

Though I do believe other products have merit and the ways in which we use light therapy will change as we learn more, I feel comfortable that Thor’s unit will not become obsolete in the near future because of the built in flexibility of the interchangeable heads and frequencies.

You are the only company (of the three I have been looking at) that has been able to demonstrate to me that should I purchase your unit, we will be set up for success because of the support and education you provide. Lots of companies promise support but none have demonstrated to me that their treatment protocols are more than trial and error. Dr. Hirschberg is getting better clinical results in less time because his protocols are based on the whole animal’s physiology and the science behind LLLT.

I can’t thank you enough for the time and assistance you have provided me as I have gone through this intense process and learning curve.”

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  1. Jacqueline Caré says:

    I am a laser tech to help people stop Smoking. trained by Anne Penman. I am interested in learning more about this procedure and your classes .. Where and how much ?? Thank you

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