James Carroll received the T.H. Maiman Award for outstanding research during the Academy for Laser Dentistry award ceremony

James Carroll, CEO of THOR PhotomedicineJames Carroll, CEO of THOR Photomedicine, a speaker at the 2019 CSSP Spring Leadership Workshop, received the T.H. Maiman Award for outstanding research during the Academy for Laser Dentistry’s (ALD) award ceremony at their annual conference (April 8-10), during which Red Light Therapy’s role in revolutionizing medical care was showcased. Kathleen Maiman, widow of Laser inventor Theodore Maiman, presented the award.

Carroll, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, is considered the world’s leading proponent of using Red Light Therapy, also known as Photobiomodulation (PBM). He has written or co-authored twenty-four academic papers and co-authored four books on the subject.

Carroll is working with 36 medical institutions, including Harvard Medical School, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Veterans’ Hospitals, and the UK National Health Service (NHS), on using PBM for treating a range of conditions such as traumatic brain injury, the side effects of cancer treatments, managing acute and chronic pain, and reducing opioid use.

“My lifelong goal is having PBM accepted as a first-line medical treatment. I look forward to continuing this quest with all of you as we make PBM a global standard of care.” stated Carroll upon accepting the award.

PBM devices are cleared by the Food & Drug Administration. PBM’s success as a breakthrough medical technology is documented in 700 Clinical Trials and over 100 million patient treatments.

News source: Council of Scientific Society Presidents

Maiman (inventor of the laser) Award goes to THOR CEO

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