Testimonial: Patricia Berry

A wonderful letter from one of Josh Crawford’s Fibromyalgia patients :-)

To whom it may concern,

Patricia BerryMy name is Patricia Berry. I am 39 years old as of present and was given the elusive diagnosis of Fibromyalgia when I was only 19 years of age. Over the years, I have developed many other chronic pain and auto-immune conditions, but believe that they may all stem from this distressingly obscure original diagnosis.

The origin of my condition is likely due to a severe care accident at age 13 combined with a head injury and emotional trauma. Suffice it say, I know pain intimately.

My search for health and wellness has lead me down many paths, encompassing numerous medical and natural modalities. None of which have offered me anything more than the slightest amount of relief.

Last fall I had become exceptionally ill and was almost unable to eat, losing weight rapidly and working less. By some grace, one of my customers suggested a new therapy at a place called Genoa Laser Therapy with a gentleman named Josh Crawford.

I now consider that day one of the greatest turning points of my life.

I have undergone 60 plus photobiomodulation treatments, and it has changed my life. The number one immediate and consistent benefit has been the lessening of my overall chronic body pain. My sleep has improved drastically; insomnia being a perpetually awful part of this disease. Another wonderful benefit has been an incredible uplift in my mindset and mood, increasing my capacity to cope with my health issues.

The list of therapies, medications, treatments, and specialists visits that I have undergone is too extensive to even mention. But more importantly, it is now redundant. The comprehensive manner in which the photobiomodulation Thor light therapy heals the body from a cellular level is by far the most advanced technique being utilized today. I believe that this technology will only flourish from here on, to the wonderful benefit of all those who suffer from so many conditions, but especially for those with the previously incurable Fibromyalgia.

Patricia Berry

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