Testimonial: Kent Heckenlively‎

“This is the first time I am writing about my THOR laser.

I woke one morning with a pain in my left arm (mostly my left bicep) and thought I just slept on it wrong. A friend thought it might be a sign of an impending heart attack, so I hurried to the doctor. Turns out it was bursitis (an inflammation of the bursa sac of the shoulder) and the doctor gave me a bunch of pain-killers and told me to expect it to last for two to three weeks, if not longer. If it didn’t get better during that time, the doctor suggested I might want to get a cortisone shot.

Once I knew the spot from which the pain was emanating, I put the laser on it in anti-inflammation mode and did several treatments. In 2 days there was noticeable improvement and in three days I had stopped taking my pain pills. I am now six days out from my diagnosis, arm feels great, and just for fun I counted out the number of pills I have left in the bottle. I have 45 pain pills, or enough for 15 more days of pain, but I don’t need them.

The Thor Laser is AMAZING!”

Kent Heckenlively‎
CA, United States

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