Testimonial: Ken Halvorson – Oral mucositis

Ken Halvorson“I am doing very well thanks to you and your THOR products. It was just a handful of days after daily use of the ‘lollipop’ probe that the oral mucositis and the associated pain began to rapidly subside.

After today’s treatment I have six radiation sessions left. Unlike before your help, I have no difficulty eating, swallowing or drinking. This Thursday I am bringing my equipment into the Medical College of Wisconsin’s radiation oncology department to demonstrate my two attachments. As you may expect, they have virtually no knowledge of photobiomodulation and I am going to suggest to them that they get on board with this therapy and reduce unnecessary suffering.  I will give them the THOR Laser website and your contact information.

Thank you for all of your help and follow up. This wonderful technology needs to become a standard of care in all medical institutions.”

Sincerely, Ken Halvorson

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