Testimonial: Judith.C, retired school teacher

Judith.C, retired school teacher“I’m not a doctor but I was hit by a car 30 years ago and had a broken collarbone and soft tissue injury in the shoulder. I was also in a bike accident that left my right wrist with 2 bones out of alignment around the same time.

I worked as an art teacher in the public school system and physically taxed myself lugging art supplies and making art with high school students all day long. I’m retired now and was getting to a point where the chronic neck, shoulder and hand pain was requiring 8 to 10 NSAIDs a day which I tried not to take my whole life.

My shoulder injury slowly turned into bursitis. I couldn’t use the arm anymore until I started red lighting it and now it has restored its use to me. It saved my life.

I live pain free today after using the THOR Laser machine and want to thank the people who worked hard to bring this technology to people like myself. For that reason I’m giving my story back. My quality of life has been restored and I no longer need pain killers. It is a miracle. It has changed my life!”

Retired school teacher
BC, Canada

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