Phil Passy, Founder of MedX Health dies

I was shocked when I heard that Phil Passy died unexpectedly 22nd February 2008. Phil was Founder, President and CEO of MedX Health and a fellow industry pioneer. I first met Phil in the year 2000 in Athens, Greece at the World Association for Laser Therapy meeting when he boldly asserted that one day LLLT products would move from highly individual products competing on technical differences to a near commodity product as industry standards for the technology and treatments were agreed. It was a visionary statement that I thought was crazy but now I believe he will ultimately be proven right. Any new technology requires passionate and persistent personalities behind it striving for years to achieve widespread adoption and Phil was one of bravest and hardest working figures in the industry. He radiated passion and his dogged persistence has created a publicly listed company leaving an indelible mark on the history of LLLT. Medicine is an exceptionally tough field to create a radical breakthrough in and whilst many have resorted to snake oil sales methods, Phil always took the high road and created an ethical company making conservative / realistic claims for the products and services offered. Phil can rest in peace knowing that he was a good man, doing good work for the health of mankind and that he played an important role in establishing LLLT and moving industry forward. Thanks Phil.

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