NovoTHOR testimonials: From CryoUSA Clients

“Every training session I have had since starting NovoTHOR I have had more energy and matched or beat my current personal records.”
– Meagan Whitson

“Since starting NovoTHOR I notice my athletic conditioning excelling on a daily basis and recovery time between workout sets to be decreasing.”
– Mary Lou Womack

“I have had chronic pain in my foot that nothing seems to fix. After a few NovoTHOR sessions I am able to play soccer without the pain.”
– Hope Adams

“My hamstring has been hurting after longer runs, after NovoTHOR use it doesn’t bother me and I have more energy.”
– Maggie Riba

“My chronic shoulder pain stayed gone for a few days.”
– Andrew Escobedo

“I have a discernable decrease in muscle pain the following mornings when getting out of bed.”
– Michael Smith

“I’m now noticing more prolonged decrease inflammation in my knee and better mobility.”
– Edna Clemens

“I’m going to chiropractic school and wanted to experience different rehab modalities. Using NovoTHOR I noticed more relaxation of certain spastic muscles.”
– Caleb Kokones

“I have started noticing more prolonged energy throughout the day and I’m more clear minded when focusing on tasks.”
– Francesca Goncalves

“I sleep better through the night and feel less fatigue in the evenings.”
– Janet Yamamoto

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