NovoTHOR testimonial: Rona – thyroid issues, neck and lower back pain

About one month ago Rona started going to Discovery Health Healing Center when she heard they were getting the NovoTHOR pod. Rona was having thyroid issues but wasn’t really sure if it would help with that but decided to sign up for one of their free sessions. Rona also had neck and lower back pain from hip replacements some years ago. 

On her drive home after the first session, she couldn’t believe it, she could turn her head to look over her shoulder when changing lanes which she had never been able to do. Rona signed up to their 3 month package and is already feeling so much better overall and has so much more energy to get on with daily tasks.

Rona’s advice is to give NovoTHOR a try as you are going to enjoy it and won’t regret it.

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