NovoTHOR testimonial: Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center

Valerie Gause, Director of Rays of Hope Rejuvenation Center

Valerie Gause
Rays of Hope
Rejuvenation Center

Ann and I have been going to the the RAYS of HOPE Rejuvenation Center located at 113 S. US Hwy 441, in Lady Lake, FL, since they opened in 2015 to use their NovoTHOR whole-body light pod (semi-enclosed bed) that emits red and near-infrared light to receive what is called photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) technology which use to be called low level light therapy (LLLT). Had to copy that technical stuff from their web page, I like the term light therapy.

Since Ann and I have been using this light therapy several times a week we have both had more energy and feel like getting out more and doing more fun activities than we did before using light therapy.

Ann who has lots of body pain issues with Fibromyalgia being the main pain generator was not able to get out of the house much prior to her using light therapy and now she is able to get out of the house several hours a day and we both feel her new found energy is from using light therapy.

Using light therapy sounds like science fiction or some sort of gimmick but it is working for both Ann and Me and as long as it works we are happy to use it to keep us happy.

Our two visits a week are fast and easy, I receive eight minutes while Ann who has more pain issues than I do takes in twelve minutes of light therapy.

We make an appointment, arrive, go into a booth, remove our clothing, go into the secure light therapy area, push the blue button on the therapy pod, the pod comes on emitting those red and near-infrared light lights, climb into the pod, pull the lid down over us, does not completely close so if you are claustrophobic like me you do not have to worry about being closed inside the pod.

Close your eyes and let the light do the work for you and once the light goes off, push the lid up, go back into your booth, get dressed and head out for the rest of your day.

We enjoy the treatments and continue to have more energy as well as less pain in various areas of our bodies and have continued to use this new and improved light therapy so we can keep our energy flowing and constant.

I have heard some folks who get the light therapy treatments do not notice any changes in their medical issues, body aches or other issues, while other folks get immediate relief and only do as many sessions as it takes to resolve their issues and do not continue the light therapy.

Ann and I have had such good success with the light therapy treatments we continue to go several times a week just to make sure our bodies are getting all the therapy needed to ensure we keep our energy levels up, everyone is different when it comes to therapy and what works for one may not work for the others.

I feel that we all have to do what works for US when it comes to our health and when you find something that works for you, use it until it no longer works for you.

Robert W. Busby

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