NovoTHOR testimonial: Maryellen Ammons

Maryellen Ammons: Owner, Infinity Healing“I recently opened a wellness center geared toward athletes and toward supporting people with lyme disease/chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. I was very intrigued by the NovoTHOR bed because I understand the basic science of Near Infrared/Red UV Light and because my lyme was successfully treated with a similar IV therapy. I also knew that this was a cutting edge technology that could really help people at the mitochondria level and it would help them increase their energy levels.

I was debating about buying the bed because it is more expensive than other therapies, however I am extremely glad that I decided to make the investment.

I have only been open for a month and a half and people are seeing and experiencing real results. They report increased energy levels, better sleep, clearer thinking and even better hormonal patterns. I had to add a 220v plug, but that was the extent of the facility change. It runs on minimal electricity and requires little to no manual labor to use.

We start people slowly and work them up to the right amount for them. The fact that it requires little manual labor to run allows me the time to talk to and work with the client so they get the maximum results possible. That’s true healing.

The NovoTHOR bed has also been one of the cornerstone therapies from a revenue perspective. We were able to cover our operating costs and start to pay back the equipment in the first month through this and a few other therapies.

Lastly, the backend support from NovoTHOR has been outstanding. They have always made themselves available for questions and have provided excellent, quality information on the use of the bed.

I would definitely buy from NovoTHOR again.

Maryellen Ammons
Owner, Infinity Healing
Lusby, Maryland, USA”

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