NovoTHOR testimonial: Martha Carroll

Martha Carroll“I started Laser Therapy at The Rays of Hope in December 2015. My start sessions consisted of eight eight-minute sessions on the NovoThor light bed. My intent in exploring alternative therapy was to address a long-standing Fibromyalgia issue. In recent years I have experienced increasingly painful rheumatoid arthritis (both hands and one foot), depression accompanied by brain fog, which translates to little comprehension involving everyday conversation. Traditional medicine translated to more pills of increasing dosages. Therefore, I was open to alternative treatment.

I presented with muscle pain, burning sensations in both shoulders, back and neck areas. Joint pain: stiff knees, ankles and fingers. I couldn’t shake hands, open jars, bottles, pick up objects and often cringed at being touched. Fatigue was a daily occurrence. I slept 10 hours or more a night but not restfully and, often, fell asleep sitting on the sofa.

After one NovoThor session I felt less lethargic and very relaxed. With each ensuing treatment I felt better with all of the previously disclosed symptoms less severe. Relief lasted for months. I felt like a happier person. I was able to do without another session for seven months. Then, I began to regress. I am now nearing the end of eight 12-minute sessions. I am not saying all my aches and pains are gone but I do feel much better.”

Martha Carroll
Florida, USA

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