NovoTHOR testimonial: Josh Crawford

Josh Crawford“We currently have 3 THOR LX2 spot therapy units and 2 NovoTHOR pods, and we are taking pain management and systemic treatments to the next level.

In only 8 months of operation our customer base has risen to just over 600 patients, with 80% being referral service, and 20% being from our radio advertisements.

Unlike most of the light therapy companies in the world, no one actually understands the dosage and power requirements as well as James Carroll and his crew at THOR.”

Josh Crawford
Genoa Laser Therapy

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2 Responses to NovoTHOR testimonial: Josh Crawford

  1. Peter Henry says:

    The understanding and acceptance of benefits offered by light therapy is long overdue. The medical profession are still too wedded to the simplistic choice between drugs and surgery. One would have thought that a treatment with proven clinical results that can do no harm (unless you drop the probe on your foot) and that will not ever have the problem of resistance, would be welcomed.

    • Rupert Molloy says:

      Peter Henry’s response to Josh Crawford’s testimonial is so true, that one must ask why the medical profession is blind to the development of light therapy (photobiomodulation).
      I have a NovoTHOR whole body lightpod in the UK; it’s not voodoo, it’s not Star Trek, but it is the 21st Century!

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