NovoTHOR testimonial: Bethany Marinac

A happy outcome from one of our customer’s patients:

Doctor Pershing,

Thank you for including me in your burn study using the NovoTHOR as a laser treatment for a third degree burn. I am amazed that my burn healed so quickly.

I have a background in medicine in that I am a former medic with some experience dealing with emergent wounds. I have seen burns from household accidents and car accidents as well as chemically induced incidences. In the respect that I have some experience in seeing these types of wounds, I understood the gravity of my wound.

I burned my thigh very badly cooking mashed cauliflower when I was transferring it from the stove to a serving dish when I spilled it down my leg. It was boiling actively at the time and was somewhat thick, having the consistency of grits or oatmeal. Thus, it was sticky and not easily removed. The burn I sustained was approximately 4 inches wide starting at the top of my thigh and extending to the bottom of my knee cap, around 12-14 inches long. It was clearly a third degree burn at the top of the wound and as it went down to my knee, it had degrees of first and second degree for the most part with varying degrees of blistering that ranged from 1.5 inches to .5 inches wide by approximately 8 inches long.

I sought out the opinion of a respected medical professional that recommended that I seek treatment for it through this study.

Following the initial assessment and recommendation that I use the NovoTHOR Laser therapy on a regular basis for the following 3-4 weeks, receiving treatment 3 times per week. Initially, I noticed that the part of the burn was drastically diminished after the first treatment. That was by far the most surprising aspect of the treatment. The part of the burn that was deepest was initially very painful. That virtually disappeared following the first treatment.

Then the healing of the wound started to become visible every time I had treatment. On the day of treatment, there was no visible change, however, the following morning showed great change very rapidly every time. The pictures show the drastic results. I was astounded as to the continued pain relief and rapid healing.

Another aspect that was unexpected, was that pain diminished and stayed gone for the most part following the first and most especially the second treatment. Having such a large blister and exposed skin, in the heat of summer should have been much more uncomfortable. I experienced nearly no discomfort for the duration of the treatment.

In addition to pain relief, scarring was diminished as well. The portion of the burn that was under the blister, was raised and tight, and I was sure that it would scar. As the burn healed, the raised part of the scar, was pulling the skin tighter and made fluid movement more difficult. A dramatic difference in that aspect of the wound was relieved in the last two weeks of treatment. At present, only a small raised section of the burn remains. On the last week of treatment, all tattooing from the burn disappeared. There is none whatsoever. I can’t convey how pleased I am to have no real visibility to the wound except for the small scar remaining on the deepest part of the burn.

I recommend this treatment for so many reasons, but the biggest two are the extreme relief of pain, and the rapid healing. I would have understood having a scar from the burn, but having seen the extreme and nearly complete healing including the esthetic aspects, makes this treatment such an amazing experience.

Thank you again for allowing me to be part of the process. I sincerely hope that this helps others to get this care.

Bethany Marinac

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