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I had a meeting with the Chief Exec of the UK’s premier cancer research hospital, last year. He was genuinely interested by my pitch about LLLT. He said I should meet his pain team to present data on Oral Mucositis (OM). Eventually a meeting was set and I gave my best to the Head of Pain Services. Lets call him Dr Fred. Dr Fred listened patiently then, when I had finished, he gave me some feedback: 1) he did not like the company logo 2) he accepts the mechanism of action but 3) LLLT achieves too many things and 4) he had to go to another meeting. A surgeon friend of mine offered to go persuade Dr Fred and they had two hour meeting. Dr Fred said he would pitch it to his team, but after a few weeks chasing for an update, he said that nobody was interested.

How can that be when (according to the article in this months literature watch by Rene-Jean Bensadoun and Raj Nair) there is no consensus on a single agent or agents that can be used either prophylactically or therapeutically to reduce severity or duration of oral mucositis, and yet four associations/agencies* either suggest or recommend LLLT for OM.

Could it be the case that they did not discover LLLT for OM so they are not interested? The good news is that there are three cancer hospitals in three different countries coordinating to run a multi centred trial with THOR lasers so maybe then we can get some interest.

* European Society for Medical Oncology, Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, International Society of Oral Oncology, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and quality.

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  1. Clare Lloyd says:

    I guess this doctor has never experienced Oral Mucositis personally, so he doesnt have a strong desire to help those that have, or; he is being offered a big ‘incentive’ by a drug company to try their treatments instead!!!

    Cynical I know!!

  2. Smokey Williams says:

    James, there is a continuing theme here…. Many of the MD’s that I have approached are consistent with their belief, that prescriptions, procedures and letting insurance companies to pay for it all are the answers. Considering something that is relatively “New” to the states is of no interest at this time.

    We just need to keep identifying “Early Adopters” and share the terrific science behind it all providing such wonderful benefits.

  3. Troy Ottwell says:

    May 25, 2012…Yes..seems this is a common issue in Texas medical schools as well. I have been told by University of Texas Southwestern Medical staff members who I showcased the laser to personally, as well as the son-in-law and daughter,…all of whom got pain relief within an hour that

    ” That the medical school and governing board are not interested in procedures that don’t work”

    Needless to say research data and peersonal pain results of three persons in a home setting did not impress the Southwestern Medical school professor.

    Continue the outstanding work you are doing James .

    Best Wishes…
    Troy Ottwell, Plano, Texas……….Laser user for 3 years.

  4. shah zarak khan says:

    As a corporate adviser, those who commented on the logo’s are basicly someone who do not have an open mind.They stick to their ego’s. and we can never change them.
    From my experiences that British medical practitioners (NOT ALL) thinks differently the those who are from US and Germans. They are much more defensive within their thought.
    Thats one of the reasons why Malaysia is now open to the Chinese and Americans medical phylosophy not forgetting Japan among others as we had the problem to grow due to medical practitioners who are leaders and are so stuck up to global changes.

  5. Cindy Hair says:

    Very sad about physicians without open minds! I spoke with a radiation oncologist here in Florida and she is VERY open minded and intrigued about the different papers written regarding the LLLT and OM. If you could tell me how I could get my hands on copies of the papers already written regarding the subject, I will get them to her so we can possibly get a laser in her office. Her medical director was trained in Canada and therefore open to alternative medicine. Our naturopath is working with some of her cancer patients, which has been somewhat unheard of here in Florida, so it is an exciting time!

    Please get back to me on how to get copies of all of the studies done thus far. Thank you! Cindy

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