TRPV1 is a nonselective cation channel involved in nociception. At a pain conference in London I attended last week a speaker reported that about $ billion has been spent by the pharmaceutical industry on developing a new class of analgesics to block this protein. However there is a sided effect on body temperature (hyperthermia) making it unusable which is a shame as the potential benefits are huge read here on Wikipedia.

TRPV1 is new to me and I wondered if perhaps anyone had looked at the effect of LLLT on it and they have. A group in Korea have shown that Er,Cr:YSGG laser has an analgesic effect via TRPV1 inhibition. Well hooray for the Koreans, if they really have discovered Inhibition of TRPV1 with laser (and without hyperthermia), it could become another medical holy grail assailed by LLLT.

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  1. Liam says:

    I always go straight to the bottom line, it’s the most interesting bit.

    How does LLLT ‘inhibit’ a protein I asked myself? I went to the bookshelf to grab my copy of LLLT for the Ignorant and discovered that it wasn’t there. When was it published and who wrote it …. or when will they write it and when will it be published?

  2. marilyn gerald says:

    Am currently working on getting some folks to your San Antonio training. Will keep you posted.

  3. kate harbaugh says:

    I find the newsletter informative but, most of my clients are of the equine variety and it would be great to see some information on equine therapy.
    Thank you!

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