Course Testimonial: Steve Bloor

Steve Bloor, Podiatrist“James Carroll has an engaging, humorous and most importantly, informative presentation style which captivates and inspires all who attend. I had been using PBM Therapy for 18 years and expected to come away with my opinions about the effectiveness of photomedicine reinforced. Little did I know how much new & exciting research evidence there was since I first started using the treatment on my podiatry patients. I was overwhelmed with the variety, as well as the depth and breadth of the new and exciting areas of medical research. 

My enthusiasm for photobiomodulation therapy skyrocketed. And, since acquiring my own THOR LX2 Therapy unit, the success of my treatments has vastly improved. With the ability to successfully treat an increased spectrum of pathologies. 

Thank you James, Mark and THOR Photomedicine.”

Steve Bloor
Cornwall, UK

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