Course Testimonial: Gloria E. Monzon, R.D.H.

Gloria E. Monzon, R.D.H.“With over 25 years in dental laser training, I have attended many courses on PBMT. As I see it, James Carroll is the premier presenter in this industry. He not only provides excellent education, but also does the tough ground work to document the science and clinical studies to support his curriculum. He has partnered with many diverse fields of the health industry to implement the light as a healing instrument. Exploring the versatility of photobiomodulation is exciting and the results are incredible.

This was my fifth opportunity to attend James Carroll’s presentation, and I will continue to attend and learn. Mark and Jennifer are also extremely knowledgeable and provide invaluable support.

Thank you so much for the amazing course.

Gloria E. Monzon
Registered Dental Hygienist
San Jose, California”

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