Course Testimonial: Christa Iams

Christa Iams, Exercise Physiologist“I wanted to respond and reach out about how amazing the THOR class was in San Francisco. It was an all day class, but I honestly never wanted it to end. It was fun, interactive, and I learned a lot. All of the science and concepts behind this Laser/Light was very easy to comprehend. I feel like you summed up 4 years of my B.S. Degree in one day, which is AWESOME! It’s nice how you adapt the class to make sure everyone understands.

The handheld unit itself is also amazing. We are constantly treating people and the amount of a positive response that 100% of the people have is outstanding. Definitely interested in attending another class, just to keep up with what’s new with the technology. Well done!”

Christa Iams
Exercise Physiologist
Pittsburgh, USA

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