Course Testimonial: Bruce Pont

Bruce Pont, Fitness Instructor & Health Warrior“The live, 8 hour Laser Therapy Course that I attended via the Web was most valuable and useful. James Carroll provided a wealth of essential information, intermingled with humour. My ‘take-aways’ will assist my focus on (1) choosing the right PBM equipment to acquire and then (2) implementing the most appropriate treatment protocols. I highly recommend the course.”

Bruce Pont
Australian Dragon Boat Team, World Championships, USA.
Coach of Gold & Silver Medalist teams: Australian Masters Games (Dragon Boats).
Martial Arts: Black tip.
Newcastle NSW, Australia

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  1. Sammprada CancerCare says:

    It’s great to hear Bruce Pont’s positive feedback on the Laser Therapy Course! As a fitness instructor and health enthusiast, his endorsement carries weight. It’s clear that he found the course to be extremely valuable, thanks to James Carroll’s knowledge and engaging teaching style. Bruce’s two main takeaways – selecting the right PBM equipment and implementing effective treatment protocols – underscore the practicality of this course. Bruce’s high recommendation speaks volumes about the course’s quality and its potential benefits for others in the field.

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